Pomona's first ReCoopOFFICE sale, held December 13-15, successfully found new homes for more than five tons of office furnishings ranging from glass display cabinets, desks and chairs to lighting and binders.

The items were free to Pomona College offices or available for purchase at a low cost to individuals. More than 150 items were recycled including 53 chairs, 13 file cabinets, 18 tables, 17 bookshelves, seven desks and two microscope cabinets. The successful sale netted more than $1,500 with proceeds for the Sustainability Integration Office's educational programs and campaigns on campus including ReCoop and the checkout program which provides drying racks, compost buckets, and CFL bulbs to students.

Local nonprofit Uncommon Good, which works to break intergenerational cycles of poverty, also benefited from the sale, receiving a 50-percent discount on top of the already low prices on furniture for their new building, allowing them to purchase tables, bookshelves, two large filing cabinets and a large copy machine.

Ginny Routhe, Pomona's new assistant director of sustainability, declared the sale a success. "The goal of the sale was to extend the life of these usable products with as minimal a carbon footprint as possible by finding local uses for them before seeking other recycling alternatives, and we were able to do that while providing a service to the community," says Routhe.