Last month, Pomona College was recognized for its donations of computers and related equipment to the Claremont Unified School District (CUSD).  In 2012, the College donated almost 250 desktop and laptop computers, along with monitors, keyboards, projectors, printers and other peripherals.

While the equipment is older than the technology life cycle at the College, it is about half the age of the equipment it replaced in Claremont school classrooms and will provide approximately four years of useful life. Pomona College's donations have allowed the district to replace about one-sixth of its classroom computers.

Anthony Nguyen, director of network services at Pomona, was on hand at the December CUSD board meeting to accept the "Certificate of Excellence" recognition on behalf of the College. About 18 months ago, he reinvigorated an earlier program of donations with the District. Since then, CUSD has received equipment from Pomona about every other month.

"The generous technology donations from Pomona College make a significant difference for our students and we are truly grateful," says Hilary LaConte, CUSD board member and associate director of the Public Policy Analysis program at Pomona College.

"The school district has little money for technology in the face of both the budget cuts and the revenue reduction that we have experienced over the past years. The computers will be primarily designated for use at our priority schools to help provide equal access to technology across the district."