Writer Owen Wiseman '05, author of the graphic novel Samurai's Blood, delivered a lecture titled, "The Five Pillars: Building a Creative Career," on Feb. 20, 2013, at Pomona College. In the lecture, Wiseman discussed the pitfalls of the creative life and the necessary attributes of someone who aspires to that path. He included personal anecdotes, philosophy of creativity and concrete steps a person can take along the creative journey.

Wiseman is the author of the graphic novel Samurai's Blood (Image Comics), which is set in feudal Japan, a time when one was defined by their lineage. The book follows three teenagers who must make their way through the world hiding their identities in order to find their destinies. Wiseman has written more than a dozen screenplays, most recently The Fires of Avalon, which is in development at Benaroya Pictures (a film finance and production company founded by Michael Benaroya '03, with Clay Young '03 as a business developer and Jeff Cahn '06 as a screenwriter). He has also written literary memoir for Slake Magazine.

While at Pomona, Wiseman studied philosophy, writing and Japanese and completed his first novel, Seeds, a science-fiction work that explores definitions of humanity and consciousness.