The spring 2013 issue of Pomona Magazine is now available online. The theme for this issue is "Lost Worlds" and features include:

Myrlie in the Mirror
Reflecting on life 50 years after her husband's assassination, Myrlie Evers-Williams '68 is carrying on a long-held role -- and finding new ones.

Lost Worlds
Sometimes the map itself is the treasure. Here, four cartographical curiosities unfold, revealing hidden realms and long-forgotten locales. Each carries a Pomona connection, of course. So come along for the adventure, and don't worry about staying on the path. The whole idea is to get lost.

Hologram or Bust
Visiting (the papers of) David Foster Wallace at the Harry Ransom Center

The Football Wars
A century ago, amid a national uproar over football injuries, Pomona switched to rugby, then back to "the old game," all in one season. But the football wars raged on until the strange Christmas Day game in which the Sagehens helped put rugby to rest.

A Sagehen in the Senate
In less than a day, Brian Schatz '94 went from the relatively low-key role of Hawaii's lieutenant governor to become a member of the United States Senate.

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