Jacqueline Cornejo, who has participated in Pomona College's Academy for Youth Success for three summers, was recognized for her academic excellence by the Fontana Herald in their Sept. 5 story "Miller student Jacqueline Cornejo wins contest." The contest was sponsored by the paper, which asked readers for nominations "Honoring Our Students."

Cornejo is one of the top 10 students in her high school's senior class and has been involved in student government since her sophomore year, twice serving as class president. She has also received six gold medals for her academic excellence. Last summer through PAYS, she worked with other PAYS students to research the "Differences in Random Walks between One Jump and Two Jump Particles on Catalytic Surfaces," with Chemistry Prof. Roberto Garza-Lopez.

PAYS is an intensive, three-year college preparation program, designed to increase the pool of low-income, first-generation students of color prepared to enter selective colleges. Since the first group of PAYS students graduated in 2006, every graduate of the program has been accepted to a competitive four-year college or university.