Prof. Dru Gladney

Following a fatal car crash and explosion in Tiananmen Square last week, Dru Gladney's expertise on the Uighur people in China was sought by international media. In interviews, Gladney discussed the Uighur people, Chinese policies affecting the Uighur people, and the government's claims linking the explosions to Uighur suspects and radical Islam. He was a guest on CCTV and KPFK's "Background Briefing with Ian Masters," and interviewed by Bloomberg News, Al Jazeera America and the Gulf Times among other outlets.

Gladney, a professor of anthropology, is an expert on Chinese politics, ethnic and cultural nationalism, and ethnic minorities in China, with a focus on the people and cultures along the modern Silk Road. He is the author of several books on China's ethnic minorities including Dislocating China: Muslims, Minorities, and Other Subaltern Subjects (2004), Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People's Republic (1991, 2nd ed., 1996) and Ethnic Identity in China: The Making of a Muslim Minority Nationality (1998).