Yesterday afternoon the football coaches for the Pomona-Pitzer (PP) and Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (CMS) football teams informed the players that no trophy would be exchanged following this weekend's game between the two teams. CMS Athletics and PP Athletics have decided to retire and replace the Peace Pipe trophy, which is exchanged each year by the players of the two programs following their annual football game.

The decision is a result of ongoing discussions with members of the Claremont Colleges' Indigenous Student Alliance (ISA), who expressed their cultural concerns about using a sacred object as a trophy. Both athletic departments have agreed to retire the Peace Pipe trophy and to replace it with a new tradition in time for next year's game.

The "Peace Pipe," also known as the Sacred Pipe, the calumet, or the chanupa (or canupa), is a sacred object for many indigenous groups in the United States and is intended for use in religious rituals.

Going forward, a committee consisting of members of the two athletic departments will convene to explore options for future trophy exchanges between the teams that continue the spirit of the Peace Pipe trophy, which was created in 1959 to symbolize the friendly nature of the competition between the two campuses.

We appreciate the concerns that have been raised and we think this is the best path forward.