Prof. W. Bowman Cutter

Assistant Professor of Economics Bowman Cutter was quoted in the Los Angeles Times Nov. 16 story "State Fails to Keep Track of Hazardous Waste," about the health impacts of the missing hazardous materials.

The front-page investigative story found that despite having the nation's strictest standards on handling hazardous waste, the California Department of Toxic Substance Control is unable to track 174,000 tons of hazardous material shipped for disposal in the last five years.

In the article, Cutter notes that even a small amount of errant waste can create "a very big public health impact. These are all wastes that have been shown to be harmful to health directly," referring to the dangerous compounds lead and benzene. Cutter also teaches in the environmental analysis program at Pomona College and has studied the state's hazardous waste system.  

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