Prof. Johanna Hardin

Pomona College Prof. of Mathematics Johanna Hardin

Pomona College Professor of Mathematics Johanna Hardin '95 recently received the Robert V. Hogg Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics, given by the Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America (SIGMAA). The award recognizes professors who have taught introductory statistics for three to 15 years and shown excellence and growth in teaching during that time.

On behalf of the Pomona College Mathematics Department, Prof. Gizem Karaali addressed SIGMAA in praise of Hardin's outstanding teaching, noting that she has mentored students from all backgrounds and encouraged many students to become professional statisticians.

"When she joined the faculty as the sole statistician in 2002, Jo was given the daunting job of redesigning our introductory classes, planning a meaningful curriculum for math majors focusing on statistics, and advising the many students who wanted to do projects or get a taste of research.  A dozen years later, we have a thriving statistics program, most of which we owe to her foresight and energy," Karaali said.

Hardin's areas of expertise include bioinformatics, analysis of microarrays, clustering, correlation and robust multivariate data analysis. She received her graduate degrees from UC Davis.

The award is named in honor of Robert V. Hogg, winner of numerous teaching accolades, including the Iowa Governor's Science Medal for Teaching and the Mathematical Association of American's Distinguished Teaching Award.

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