The Pomona College Museum of Art ‘s exhibit about the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case, "Project 48: Andrea Bowers: #sweetjane," received a great review by art critic Christopher Knight in the Feb. 18 Los Angeles Times.

"[Andrea] Bowers' art," notes Knight "has often merged piercing insight about current events with social activism. She continues that fusion here, to impressive effect…. One reason Bowers' art gets under your skin in ways that socially minded work doesn't always do is that it is so conspicuously thought-through. You trust the artist to lead you through tangled thickets."

The exhibition is presented in two–parts, one at the Pomona College Museum of Art until April 13, and the other at the Pitzer College Art Galleries, which is open until March 28. The museums are located within walking distance of each other. Knight recommends seeing the Pomona exhibition first.

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