Prof. Pierre Englebert's most recent book, Inside African Politics (with Kevin C. Dunn, 2013), receives a terrific review from Foreign Affairs, in the March/April 2014 issue.

"Englebert and Dunn have produced what will no doubt become the standard text for years to come: a sharply written, well-informed, and completely up-to-date book that should find a wide audience beyond the classroom," notes the review in the magazine.

Englebert, a professor of international relations, focuses his research on the resilience of weak states, nationalism and separatism, development and foreign aid, fragile states, and democratization. He is also the author of the award-winning Africa: Unity, Sovereignty and Sorrow (2009), State Legitimacy and Development in Africa (2000) and Burkina Faso: Unsteady Statehood in West Africa (1996).

"If Africa often does not make sense to us," says Englebert, "it is more because of the gaps in our largely Western-centric knowledge than because of anything inherent to Africa. The African state interests me greatly, both in its fragility and its capacity for adaptation and reinvention. In the end, I feel a strong sense of empathy with Africans, many of whom face overwhelming odds, largely derived from politics, in their daily lives." 

A member of the Pomona College faculty since 1998, Englebert is a three-time recipient of the Pomona College Wig Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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