If you've recently passed by the southwest corner of the Smith Campus Center, you may have noticed a new bright green fixture located next to the bike racks. This pole, which enables bikes to be hung at convenient height, is part of Pomona's newly installed bicycle self-repair station, which also includes attached tools like a hex-key set, wrenches, tire levers, screwdriver and tire pump. The station was installed in January.

Installation of the repair station was funded by grant administered by the President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability. To apply for the grant, students must submit written proposals that explain the need for chosen projects and detail the extent to which they will increase campus sustainability. Past funded projects include drying racks in laundry rooms and for check out, equipment for the ReCoop thrift store, compost buckets, and the construction of SolTrain, a mobile solar energy station. 

    Environmental Analysis major Johanna Rayl '16, who wrote the proposal, notes that her "decision to take this project on was partly influenced by the fact that I had a flat tire at the moment I heard the idea and was frustrated that I didn't have the resources to fix it myself," she explained.

    "In addition to being a project with very tangible results, the fix station and pump seemed like a great way to encourage biking and show that [Pomona] supports emission-free transportation."

    The Pomona College Green Bikes program has agreed to cover long-term maintenance of the station and support the use of an alternative location for self-bike repairs. Green Bikes co-manager Logan Miller '15 said that he and the rest of the Green Bikes staff like the idea because the self-repair station "can take care of a lot of the easy fixes that a bike needs every now and then" allowing the Green Bikes staff to "concentrate on more involved repairs." He added that the station's 24-hour accessibility is very convenient, especially if students can't make it in to the Green Bikes shop during its hours of operation.

    Although she is thrilled that the repair station helps promote environmentally-friendly transportation on campus, Rayl says she also wants "students to be able to properly take care of their bikes…and to enjoy the convenience of biking on campus and around Claremont or the San Gabriel Valley."