Time Magazine Code Red Cover

Google Site-Reliability Engineer Michael "Mikey" Dickerson '01 made the cover of the March 10 issue of Time magazine for his role leading the team called in to fix the healthcare.gov website. "I knew Mikey by reputation," fellow fixer Mike Abbott says in the piece. "He was a natural fit to lead the team."

Dickerson, who majored in math at Pomona and previously worked on the Obama campaign, expected to work without pay to save healthcare.gov and wound up getting what the article says was a "fraction" of his Google pay. He is third from the right in the group photo on the magazine cover, and a full-page photo of him appears inside.

Also from Time: "The day after their first breakthrough with the caching, Dickerson and the rest of the team gave … their verdict: they could fix the site by the end of November, six weeks away, so that the ‘vast majority' of visitors could go on and enroll. ‘I was, like, never worried,' Dickerson adds, 'It's just a website. We're not going to the moon.'"

Dickerson didn't return to Google until January, and the article's author Steven Brill notes that "in one way or another, every member of the team told me the same thing—that this was the toughest but most rewarding project of their lives."