Kelly Miller '12

Recent Pomona College graduate Kelly Miller has been named one of "The 30 Top Thinkers Under 30" by Pacific Standard magazine—"a list of dazzling minds that will be shaping our society's big ideas for years to come."  Miller, a psychology major from the Class of 2012 who studies stress, landed a National Science Foundation fellowship on her first attempt.

Now in a psychology Ph.D. program at USC, Miller is researching "how people use relationships to regulate their emotions," she tells the magazine. "What happens in the body when people experience stress and seek comfort from parents or significant others? Why does going to others for comfort seem to work for some people but not for others? And how do difficult childhood experiences set us up to get sick later in life?"

Pomona College Psychology Professor Jessica Borelli told Pacific Standard that Miller "has a razor-sharp intellect, has already conducted independent research that has the potential to change things in the field of relationship research, and is an extreme go-getter. …The National Science Foundation Fellowship is basically the biggest honor a graduate student in the sciences can get, and she got one on her first try."