Each year, Pomona College recognizes an employee or employees with the Peter W. Stanley Distinguished Staff Award for their service and effort beyond their daily job requirements. This year, 28 staff members were nominated by staff, faculty and students, and two long-time staff members were ultimately recognized by the Distinguished Staff Award committee.

David Haley has worked as senior laboratory technician in the Physics and Astronomy Department since 2001. In his position, Haley coordinates the set-up of introductory labs and supports demonstration requests for any physics class. He's heavily involved in public outreach efforts, including being the librarian for Pomona's lending library of physics experiments/equipment which are sent to high school teachers in Southern California; he's hosted two summer meetings for the Southern California Physics Technicians Association, a group of technicians, K-12 teachers, and faculty; and he's supported student and faculty outreach at local schools, most recently Floyd Stork Elementary and Sycamore Elementary. "I work closely with our students providing them with ideas and equipment for projects for most of our classes," says Haley. "I think that's the best part of my job, working with the students."

Haley, who lives in Claremont and attended Kansas State University, is also a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), and has presented at their conferences and served as elected secretary for the sub-association Physics Instructional Resource Association.

Of Haley, one student wrote: "This person is one of the few people who has made my experience at Pomona stand out as truly exceptional.  He is always happy and excited to help any student in whatever way necessary.  He instills interest not just in the book learning of physics, but in the experimentation as well; he maintains the general happiness of the department."

As the director of campus radio station KSPC 88.7 FM, Erica Tyron has spent more than 20 years working closely with students and the community through an ever-changing landscape. She worked at KSPC throughout her undergrad career at Scripps College, including summers, and was hired when she graduated in 1992. Today, Tyron directs 18 student managers and 120 volunteers to keep the station on air and online 24/7. She advises Studio47 and CCTV, and is a regular presence at regional and national conferences, including hosting many at Pomona as part of the UC Radio Network. One of the most fulfilling professional accomplishments, Tyron says, is the creation and success of the Youth Radio program in partnership with the Draper Center for Community Partnership's Pomona College Academy for Youth Success (PAYS) program.

One nominator for the award shared that Tyron "is a community-builder, [she] leads by empowering others, is critical to the creation of a valuable cultural resource, and lives the values of the Pomona College community." A student noted: "We could not ask for a more dedicated and passionate director. Without her, KSPC would not be the loving community it is; we all follow her example of dedication beyond our specific responsibilities."

About the Award

The Peter W. Distinguished Staff Award was established in 1997 as a special initiative of the Campaign for Pomona College. The fund, which is now an endowed account, reflects the generosity of many individual faculty and staff members, as well as a special contribution from former Pomona President Peter W. Stanley. The Distinguished Staff Award committee looks for a staff member who distinguishes herself or himself some way through service or effort beyond what is required in their daily job. Examples can include, but are not limited to, service to the entire constituency, consistent high level of performance, high performance in the face of particularly daunting work conditions, an outstanding act of some sort, exemplary personal characteristics--kindness, helpfulness, innovation or creativity. It can also be a staff member who goes out of their way to bring staff together or serves in some capacity that enhances the Pomona College community. It could also be someone who goes out of their way to help or befriend students.

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