Sunday's Los Angeles Times featured Pomona's Introduction to Politics class on its front-page story "Wikipedia pops up in bibliographies, and even college curricula."

The story on Wikipedia in the classroom focused on Professor Amanda Hollis-Brusky's class requirement of having students write detailed Wikipedia entries and post them, instead of traditional final papers.

"'Even the best research papers get buried in a drawer somewhere,' said Hollis-Brusky….'These make a real contribution to the public discourse.'"

Students worked in groups on topics that included the Clean Diamond Trade Act, the Federalist Papers, the electoral reform group FairVote and a 1978 U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing corporate donations for ballot initiatives.

For more on the professor's philosophy behind the assignment, see the April feature on the Pomona web, "Instead of Forbidding Wikipedia, This Professor Has Students Work to Improve It."