Pomona's newest faculty members

A new group of faculty members and lecturers start teaching on Tuesday for the 2014-15 academic year. Read a little about each below the photo.

From top left: Adrian Soldatenko-Gutierrez, Karl Lang, Marc Los Huertos, John Clithero, David Kauchak, Mark Andrejevic. From middle left: Fabien Jammes, Drew L'Esperance, Emily Bockmon, Benjamin Sveinbjornsson, Laura Johnson, Erin Cue. From bottom left: Livi Yoshioka-Maxwell, Hentyle Yapp, Ajay Satpute, Yuqing Melanie Wu, Elizabeth Glater and Sasha Mae Eccleston. 

Mark Andrejevic, associate professor of media studies, is the author of Infoglut: How Too Much Information is Changing the Way We Think and Know (2013) and Reality TV: The Work of Being Watched (2014), among other work.

Lecturer in theatre and playwright Elaine Avila's works include Jane Austen, Action Figure, Good Fooling and Made in China. Her plays have been produced all over the world, including Central America, New York, London and Vancouver.

Emily Bockmon, visiting instructor in chemistry, did field work making CO2 measurements from research ships all over the world, including Antarctica, off the coast between South Africa and Ghana, and out of Barbados.

John Clithero '05, assistant professor of economics, is a neuroeconomist—Pomona's first—whose fields include behavioral economics, judgment and decision-making.

Erin Cue, visiting instructor in psychology, taught courses on methods of child and adolescent study and race, ethnicity, gender and culture in development at Cal State Northridge.

Mellon Chau Postdoctoral Fellow in Classics Sasha Mae Eccleston's research and teaching interests include Latin literature, the ancient novel, and classics and popular culture.

Elizabeth Glater, assistant professor of neuroscience, was previously at Harvey Mudd College and was a recipient of a National Science Foundation Starter Grant. 

Fabien Jammes, assistant professor of biology, was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Maryland, College Park, and also taught at the University of Paris, Sud in Orsay, France.

Laura Johnson '08, visiting assistant professor in linguistics and cognitive science, has published on topics such as compensating for language deficits in amnesia. 

David Kauchak, assistant professor of computer science, was a visiting assistant professor at Pomona in 2009-11 and holds three patents.

Karl Lang, visiting assistant professor in geology, wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the persistence of rapid exhumation in the eastern Himalayan syntaxis in Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Drew L'Esperance, visiting assistant professor of chemistry, was a senior scientist at Metrolaser in Irvine, CA, where he developed high-speed cameras, and a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, Africa.

Mingming Liu, lecturer in Asian languages and literatures, was an instructor at UC Riverside, teaching courses such as Introduction to Science Fiction and Reading World Literature.

Marc Los Huertos, associate professor of environmental analysis, currently works with the U.S. Department of Agriculture as part of the Organic Agricultural Research and Extension Initiative.

S. Katherine Nelson, lecturer in psychology, researches parenthood and well-being and positive activity interventions.

Larisa Reznik, lecturer in religious studies, focuses on modern Christian and Jewish thought. Among her interests is the relationship between modern religious thought and modern political theory.

Malia Roberson, lecturer in music, wrote her UC Santa Barbara dissertation on reception, performance practice and its relation to meter in Igor Stravinsky's Concerto for Piano and Winds (1924).

Andrew Roth, lecturer in sociology, is the associate director of Project Censored, a nonprofit media watchdog organization, and has co-edited five volumes of its annual book series, most recently, Censored 2015: Inspiring We the People.

Aaron Roy, lecturer in physics, researches superstring theory, CFTs and string perturbation theory. Among his publications is an article on magnetic and electric dipole constraints on extra dimensions and magnetic fluxes.

Ajay Satpute, assistant professor of psychology, has written on topics including, distinct regions of the prefrontal cortex associated with the controlled retrieval and selection of social information.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Adrian Soldatenko-Gutierrez has published on topics such as direct detection of neutralino dark matter in non-standard cosmologies.

Luca Struble '97, lecturer in philosophy, taught courses at UCLA and UCLA Extension, including Self-Knowledge and Society and Morals.

Benjamin Sveinbjornsson, Robbins Postdoctoral Fellow in chemistry, wrote his dissertation on the topic of self-assembly of brush polymers.

Jody Valentine, visiting assistant professor in classics, has research interests in Greek poetics and women, gender and GLBTQ history and theory, among other areas.

Zala Volcic, lecturer in media studies, focuses her research on media, identity, globalization, nationalism, transitional justice and peace studies, and international communication. Her books include Serbian Spaces of Identity.

Yuqing Melanie Wu, visiting professor of computer science, received a $300,000 National Science Foundation grant, studying the parallablility of database query languages, using the notion of symmetric query as a building block.

Visiting instructor in Romance Languages and Literatures Livi Yoshioka-Maxwell's research and teaching expertise includes Francophone colonial and postcolonial literature of Africa and the Caribbean.

Mellon Chau Postdoctoral Fellow in Gender and Women's Studies Hentyle Yapp's research and teaching interests include transnational queer/feminist, critical race and contemporary China studies.