Rhoda Borcherding (on right) receives IES Abroad's Lifetime Achievement Award

Earlier this month, former Pomona College Study Abroad Director Rhoda Borcherding was presented a lifetime achievement award by IES Abroad—the largest and oldest study abroad organization in the U.S.—in recognition of her leadership and professional and volunteer work.

Borcherding, who was at Pomona for 25 years, led the College to offering students 50 study abroad programs around the world and has made more than 100 visits to study abroad locations around the world.  Borcherding has played a leading and active role in the IES Abroad Academic Council and the Institutional Membership Committee, and she was a founding member and associate editor of Frontiers: the Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad.

One study abroad colleague said of Borcherding: "I have always admired and enjoyed her very ‘European way' of critically thinking, often refreshingly unmainstream and her inspiring sense of humor, even when tackling difficult issues."

Pomona College Professor of Geology Rick Hazlett says Borcherding was truly a leader in her role as director.

"She was always striving to provide the highest quality overseas learning experience for our students, never shy about projecting her philosophy of education while being an excellent, thoughtful listener of other points of view, too. We miss her brio and dynamism," says Hazlett.

IES Abroad is a consortium of more than 220 American colleges and universities, offering 125+ study abroad programs in 35 cities, with more than 5,300 students enrolled each year.