Under the leadership of festival director Tom Flaherty, Pomona College Professor of Music, the festival runs from Friday, Feb. 5 through Saturday, Feb. 6 and is comprised of two evening concerts and a lecture/demonstration held in Thatcher Music Building (340 N. College Ave., Claremont). All the events are free and open to the public.

The festival kicks off at 8 p.m. on Friday with a concert in Lyman Hall (located in Thatcher Music Building). The program entitled “Music for Humans and Electronics” consists, says Flaherty, “of performances by Pomona College faculty and friends, and features music for solo and duo instruments with prerecorded and interactive electronics, which will variously entice the audience to dance, sing, and zone out to other realities.” Performers include Pomona College faculty members Sarah Thornblade (violin), Cynthia Fogg (viola), Gary Bovyer (clarinet), Genevieve Feiwen Lee and Aron Kallay (pianos). Joining them is pianist Nadia Shpachenko and percussionist Nick Terry.

Saturday’s activities begin with a lecture/demonstration at 3 p.m. in Bryant Hall (located in Thatcher Music Building) by Brendon Randall-Myers ’09 and colleagues in the New York-based ensemble Invisible Anatomy.

Then at 8 p.m., Invisible Anatomy will offer a concert in Lyman Hall. The ensemble was co-founded by Randall-Myers, a former student of Flaherty’s. “It is going to be great to have Brendon return to campus with Invisible Anatomy,” Flaherty says. “It has been a pleasure to watch Brendon’s flourishing career since his graduation from Pomona, and his composer-performer collective combines virtuosic performing skills with the latest in audio and video technology, and will dazzle the eyes and ears.”

“The group creates multi-sensory, otherworldly performances,” according to Randall-Myers. “We combine an omnivorous stylistic palate with virtuosic physicality, incorporating elements from classical, jazz, experimental rock, performance art and theater” he continued. After the ensemble’s 2015 debut concerts in New York City, they were invited to perform in China, which included a featured solo show at the Beijing Modern Music Festival.

“It's a huge thrill,” says Randall-Myers, “to return to campus as a performer, as Pomona changed the way I thought about myself as a musician. I found mentors in Tom Flaherty, Jack Sanders, Genevieve Lee and Katherine Hagedorn, who were instrumental in exposing me to the creative possibilities of composing, building the foundational skills I needed to achieve those possibilities, and challenging me to think critically about the kind of music I could make and the kind of community I wanted to create for myself. My group Invisible Anatomy is the result of all of that, and I can't wait to share the music we've created.”

Members of Invisible Anatomy are: Samuel Adams (bass), Ian Gottlieb (cello), Paul Kerekes (keyboards), Brendon Randall-Myers (guitar), Daniel Schlosberg (keyboards), Ben Wallace (percussion), and Fay Wang (voice). Graduates of the Yale School of Music, they have been awarded honors from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, ASCAP, American Composers’ Forum, and the China National Arts Fund. Their music has been performed by the Bang on a Can All-Stars, Dover Quartet, guitarist David Tanenbaum, the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra, Musical Theater Southwest, and the Chicago, Buffalo, Omaha, New World, St. Louis, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and San Francisco symphonies.



Molly Joyce:.............. Shapeshifter

                                           Sarah Thornblade, violin

Christian Ryan:......... First Viola Study 

                                           Cynthia Fogg, viola

John Luther Adams:.. Red Arc / Blue Veil  

                                           Aron Kallay, piano; Nick Terry, percussion

Tom Flaherty:........... Rainbow Tangle

                                           Nadia Shpachenko, piano

Adam Borecki:........... Clarinet Study

                                           Gary Bovyer, clarinet

Chris Cerrone:........... Hoyt-Schermerhorn

                                           Genevieve Feiwen Lee, piano

Isaac Schankler:........ Pheromone

                                           Sarah Thornblade, violin; Genevieve Feiwen Lee, piano

Bill Alves:................. String Fields

                                           Sarah Thornblade, violin



Fay Wang:................ Facial Polygraph

Brendon Randall-Myers:         Permission

Ian Gottlieb:.............. Threading Light 1

Paul Kerekes:............. Pressing Issues

Ian Gottlieb:.............. Threading Light 2 

Brendon Randall-Myers:         Othering

Ben Wallace.............. Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Daniel Schlosberg:..... the cause

Daniel Schlosberg:..... where the soul is