Hack Week 2016
Friday, November 11, 2016
Curiosity builds coders and construction is well underway thanks to Hack Week, a series of coding tutorials capped off by the all-night 5C Hackathon competition tonight.
Left to right: Hannah Travis SCR’19, Cybele Kappos ’17 and Barbara Peisch ’19
Thursday, October 6, 2016
Anna Novikova ’17 brought a unique point of view to her work as a dramaturg in the Pomona College production of “The Cherry Orchard” by Anton Chekhov, opening at Pomona College on October 6.
Donald Abram '16 preaching at Greater New Mount Eagle Missionary Baptist Church
Monday, April 11, 2016
Donald Abram’s life turned upside down when he got the call to become a preacher at the age of 14. Then came Pomona College – and a surprising new turn.
Monday, April 11, 2016
U.S. Senator Brian Schatz ’94 (D-Hawaii) visited Pomona College on Friday, leading a master class, talking careers over lunch, visiting the Draper Center and presenting a talk before a full Argue Auditorium at Millikan Laboratory.