Fulbrights Awarded to Pomona Students & Alumni

Fulbright 2017 Hemispheres

Pomona College winners of the Fulbright Fellowship this year will travel the globe, going everywhere from Kiribati to Colombia, among other places. These graduating seniors and one alumnus have been awarded these prestigious fellowships to pursue independent research or to teach English in countries around the world.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is “sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and the people of other countries.”

Fulbright Fellowship Research Grants

Kenneth An, an Asian studies major from Los Angeles, will go to South Korea to collect textbooks that were used in Korea during the colonial period and find responses to education policies, in an effort to get a fuller picture of education in that time and place.

Aurora Brachman, a psychology major and media studies minor from Phoenix, Ariz., will travel to the island nation of Kiribati to create a series of eight short documentary-style film vignettes. Each film will construct a profile of a person living in Kiribati and how they related to the Kiribati phrase tangiran abam, a word describing the love Kiribati people feel for their home.

Peter Chen, a religious studies major from Amherst, Mass., will go to Hangzhou, China to study the Chinese artist and Buddhist Feng Zikai’s “Paintings for the Preservation of Life,” exploring how this work sheds light on the relationship between art, religion and politics in China.

Maya Kaul, a philosophy, politics and economics major from San Jose, Calif., will go to Finland to conduct research on the effectiveness of the teacher training pilot program affiliated with the country's overhaul on STEM education. 

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships

Chiazam Agu, an international relations major from Los Angeles, will teach in Ecuador. She plans to work with high school students who are seeking to go to college and volunteer in the local community.

Richard Canton, a linguistics and cognitive science major from Metuchen, New Jersey, will teach in Germany. He will work with resettled refugees and create community events focused on cultural exchange through music, arts, food, discussion, and he intends to help facilitate the process of integration. 

Esther Cheung, a sociology major from South San Francisco, will teach in Macau. There she plans to hold creative writing workshops for youth.

Sana Khan, a history major and English minor from Mumbai, India, was awarded a Fulbright to Indonesia but declined and accepted the Downing Scholarship to attend the University of Cambridge.

Jennifer Lopez, an international relations major from San Francisco, will go to Colombia. While there she will volunteer at a human rights organization that assists women and children displaced by Colombia’s internal armed conflict.

Scott Panek ’15, a philosophy, politics and economics major and Spanish minor from Davis, Calif, will teach in Spain. In Spain he will volunteer at an organization that provides housing and education services to immigrants.

Krista Rutz an international relations major from Edmonds, Wash., will teach in Germany. While there she will be involved with a local church and local refugee camp or volunteer center and hopes to use community art projects to engage in dialogue with students over social issues.

Ian Schiffer, a public policy analysis major with a concentration in politics who is from Los Angeles, will go to Spain. He plans to be involved in community-based activism, learning from political organizers and volunteering with SOS Racismo, an organization devoted to combating racism and xenophobia. He also will work on an independent project tied to the youth unemployment crisis in Spain and play on a handball team.

Olivia Zalesin, a public policy analysis major with a concentration in politics who is from Briarcliff, N.Y., will teach in France. She intends to start a club celebrating multicultural music heritage. She will also work with a charitable organization for refugees and interview French educators about their teaching methods.