This year, Pomona welcomes 55 new faculty members: professors, visiting professors, lecturers and instructors. Here is a glimpse of some of their research, work and interests. They are (in alphabetical order):

Will Alexander, lecturer in English, published the following books this year: “Across the Vapour Gulf,” “Colloquoy at the Abyss” and “At Night on the Sun.”

Ori Amir, visiting assistant professor of psychology, comes to Pomona from UC Santa Barbara and recently published articles on the neural correlates of humor creativity and measuring humor theories’ validity and humor preferences.

Amanda Apgar, visiting instructor in gender and women’s studies, has broad expertise in areas including gender studies, disability studies, queer theory, childhood studies, memoir and narrative theory. 

Aimee Bahng, assistant professor of gender and women’s studies, comes to Pomona from Dartmouth College, and was recently the special issue co-editor of “Transpacific Futurities” in the Journal of Asian American Studies.

Lisa Beesley, lecturer in German and Russian, has research interests in German literature around 1800, religion, the Enlightenment, Romanticism, and second language acquisition. 

Phil Brua, visiting assistant professor of physical education and interim baseball coach for fall 2017, played two years of professional baseball as a pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

Zaylin Cano, lecturer in dance, teaches with the Inland Pacific Ballet and at Chaffey College on topics including the integration of somatic practices in dance technique classes.

Jordan Carpenter, assistant professor of physical education and head men’s cross country and track and field coach, was a three-time All-American at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh as a player.

Emma DeLira, visiting assistant professor of physical education and interim head cross country coach for fall 2017, as a marathon runner helped Azusa Pacific to an NAIA National Championship in track and field. 

Ellie Dannenberg, visiting instructor in mathematics, does work on low-dimensional geometric topology. She is interested in geometric structures on surfaces. Her current work studies circle packings on surfaces with complex projective structures.

Yulder Daza, lecturer in Romance languages and literatures, taught courses at Cal State Dominguez Hills on Latin American culture and civilization, and cultural pluralism.

Will Devanny, instructor in computer science, is interested in researching the areas of computational geometry and graph algorithms, particularly topics that involve graph drawing, data structures and statistical graph models. 

Frederick DePontee, lecturer in dance and theatre, brings 30 years of experience in design work in academic and professional venues and over 25 years of experience of production management work.

Guillermo Douglass-Jaimes, assistant professor in environmental analysis, has research interests in race and the environment, geographic information systems, science and technology studies and urban health equity.

John Dougherty, lecturer in philosophy, specializes in the philosophy of physics and has taught courses on topics including science, society and values.

Brian Eisenberg, visiting assistant professor of physical education, founded North Orange County Lacrosse and was Chapman University’s women’s lacrosse head coach.

Sheetal Gandhi, Mellon Chau postdoctoral fellow, is a singer, dancer, actor and percussionist, whose research in the performing arts lies at the intersection of dance-theater, social activism, and intercultural performance.

Alice Goffman, visiting assistant professor of sociology, concentrates on ethnography, social interaction, inequality, cities, incarceration and policing, among other topics.

Tobias Hecht, visiting assistant professor of anthropology, is a specialist in the anthropology of childhood. His areas of interest include the lived experience of inequality (in particular in relation to infants and children) and the anthropology of higher education.

Lauren Heintz, visiting assistant professor of English, teaches and conducts research in 19th-century American and African American literature, gender studies, and sexuality studies. She is at work on her manuscript, “Hidden In Plain View: Where Interracial Meets Queer in 19th-Century Literature and Culture.”

Soraya Hosni, lecturer in environmental analysis, has done work comparing indigenous and western epistemologies in relation to active volcanoes.

Nicole Holliday, assistant professor of linguistics and cognitive science, does work on pitch range variation and biracial identity performance.

Scott Hurley, lecturer in religious studies, has taught courses that include: new religions of East Asia; Confucianism, Taoism and Shintoism; and religion, ethics and animal welfare.

Christina Hurtado-Pierson ’06, lecturer in theatre, majored in theater, concentrating in playwriting, and minored in geology while at Pomona. She is a past artistic mentor at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, UK.

Andrew Jewell, lecturer in philosophy, wrote his dissertation on “Believing for Reasons,” and specializes in philosophy of the mind and epistemology.

Russell Knight, lecturer in music, is the author of “Introduction to Rhythm and Meter in Clog Dancing.”

Niree Kodaverdian, visiting assistant professor of economics, was awarded a research fellowship by the National Science Foundation and works on topics like altruism and value-based decision making.

Mzilikazi Koné, lecturer in politics, has research interests in sex worker political development in Latin America, among other areas. 

Youna Kwak, visiting assistant professor of Romance languages and literatures, has taught at University of Redlands and New York University. At NYU, she wrote her dissertation on “The Intimacy Effect: Life After the Death of Roland Barthes.”

Candace Lin, lecturer in art, is a former artist in residence at 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica and was the recipient of a $15,000 emerging artist grant from the California Community Foundation.

Sara Masland, assistant professor of psychology, was a research and clinical fellow at McLean Hospital at Harvard Medical School and was awarded a certificate of distinction and excellence in teaching from Harvard University.

Michele Miner, lecturer in theatre, has served as Pomona’s production manager since 2014. Among the theatres she has worked at are Pasadena Playhouse, Geffen Playhouse and Mark Taper Forum.

Jorge Moreno, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, received a National Science Foundation award, was a visiting scholar at Harvard University and comes to Pomona College from Cal Poly Pomona.

Michael Morgan, associate professor of physical education and head coach for women’s tennis, spent the last 11 years as the head of the Middlebury women's tennis program and came off of a 2017 season where his squad finished the year in the semifinals of the NCAA Tournament with a No. 4 ITA national ranking. 

Maxwell Murphey, lecturer in philosophy, has taught at UC Riverside. He co-authored the introduction to “The Cambridge Companion to Heidegger’s Being and Time.”

Omayra Ortega ’01, visiting assistant professor of mathematics, is a past Fulbright-Hays Fellow. She facilitated educator workshops and exchanges at schools throughout Ghana and created coursework and professional development sessions for Arizona K-12 teachers.

Keelan Overton, lecturer in history, has taught at UCLA, UC Santa Barbara and Occidental College on topics that include Islamic art, and she was a visiting scholar at University of St. Andrews library.

Alexandra Papoutsaki, instructor in computer science, wrote her dissertation at Brown University on democratizing eye tracking to enable richer user studies in the wild.

John Pennington, associate professor of dance, is the artistic director of the Pennington Dance Group and ARC Pasadena. He serves as the co-director of the Lewitzky Dance Gallery and teaches dance at California State University, Long Beach, and at Pomona College since 1998.

Lisa Piergallini, lecturer in politics, won Claremont Graduate University’s transdisciplinary dissertation research award and last year presented on the implications of renewable freshwater accessibility in West Africa at a symposium in Senegal.

Brady Potts, lecturer in sociology, co-authored an article last year on American grandparent families and has taught courses on subjects including disease, disaster and destruction.

Meagan Prahl, lecturer in theatre, is an actor and private voice and speech coach and has worked as a teacher of speech at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

Sarah Queener, assistant professor of physical education and women’s lacrosse coach, has compiled two SCIAC Championships and three NCAA appearances in five seasons as head coach.

Carrie Reiling, visiting instructor in politics, researches and writes on women’s involvement in peacebuilding organizations, and is a former recipient of a Fulbright fellowship to Cote d’Ivoire’s Institute for International Education.

David Rentz, lecturer in music, is visiting conductor of the Pomona College Choir. Among other positions, he is a past co-director of Yale University Chapel Choir.

Hamid Rezai, lecturer in history, recently co-authored an article about education as a tool of public diplomacy, examining pragmatic interventions and factional politics in the U.S. and Iran. 

Mahnaz Roshanaei, visiting assistant professor of computer science, has worked as a research scientist at Toshiba American Research, Inc., focusing on data analysis to improve airport work orders and customer satisfaction.

Lauren Rudolph, visiting assistant professor of neuroscience, has taught courses that include neuroendocrinology of reproduction, methods of experimental psychology, and stress effects on the brain and behavior. 

Sara Sadhwani, lecturer in politics, focuses on American politics, comparative politics, political behavior and ethnic politics.

Teresa Spezio, lecturer in environmental analysis, has written on how to teach sustainability using a focused multidisciplinary approach.

John Walsh, assistant professor of physical education and head football coach, was associate head coach and defensive coordinator for the Sagehens for the past four years. Previously he coached at Yale, Tufts and Georgetown and coached Tufts to the No. 1 scoring defense in 2008.

Jennifer Ward-Batts, lecturer in economics, was previously a visiting scholar at Pomona in 2013 and among her research interests are household and family behavior, retirement and aging.

Kyle Wilson, assistant professor of economics, has research interests in industrial organization and public policy, among other areas. He has taught courses on topics including microeconomic analysis for business decisions.

Suzanne Wright, lecturer in studio art, has had exhibitions on view at Commonwealth and Council in Los Angeles and has an upcoming one-person exhibition at Ochi Gallery in Los Angeles.

Masahiro Yamada, lecturer in philosophy, comes by way of Claremont Graduate University, and recently gave a talk at Nagoya University in Japan, on constitutive norms and reasons.


Faculty in Photo:

Bottom row (left to right): Christina Hurtado-Pierson ’06, Michael Morgan, Nicole Holliday, Youna Kwak, Jorge Moreno

Second row (left to right): Carrie Reiling, Alice Goffman, Sara Masland, Lauren Rudolph, Russell Knight

Third row (left to right): Kyle Wilson, Alexandra Papoutsaki, Tobias Hecht, Mahnaz Roshanaei

Fourth row (left to right): John Walsh, Will Devanny, Guillermo Douglas-Jaimes, Ellie Dannenberg, Aimee Bahng, Amanda Apgar

Back row (left to right): Hamid Rezai, John Pennington