Adan Amaya of Mail Services Receives 2018 Distinguished Staff Award

Adan Amaya receives the 2018 Staff Award.

Mail services carrier Adan Amaya, is a well-known face around campus, and someone who seems to know everyone by name as he delivers mail to offices and departments across the College.

After 10 years at Pomona, Amaya is the 2018 recipient of the Peter W. Stanley Distinguished Staff Award. The annual award recognizes staff members whose service and effort to the College extend beyond their daily job requirements.

According to his nomination application, Amaya is someone who, “often stops and redirects visitors who are lost on campus, he has befriended students who work at the various campus offices and knows many of them well. He is genuinely interested in the well-being of everyone he comes across, and always, always has a something nice to say.”

A native of El Salvador, Amaya is also a familiar face at Oldenborg Dining Hall where he can be found daily either at the Spanish tables or the Greek table, helping students to hone their language skills while sharing a meal together.  

“I’m committing myself because I love it; it’s my passion to be there with the students because the students really want to learn Spanish, so I can give them a little motivation to practice and have conversations,” he told the Pomona College Magazine in spring 2016.

Amaya moved to San Bernardino, Calif. 35 years ago and has more than two decades of experience as a cook. He previously worked for Scripps College dining services before joining Pomona’s mail service team. In his free time, Amaya loves to travel, going back to his native El Salvador, traveling across Central and South America, the Caribbean and Greece.

The Peter W. Stanley Distinguished Staff Award, established in 1997, honors a staff member who distinguishes themselves some way through service or effort beyond what is required in their daily jobs. Staff are nominated by other staff, faculty and students, and selected by the Staff Council. This year, 10 staff members were nominated.