Thirty-two new faculty members are joining Pomona College this year. We welcome the following professors, visiting professors, lecturers and instructors, listed in alphabetical order with brief descriptions of some of their research, work and interests:

Lise Abrams, Peter W. Stanley Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science and coordinator of cognitive science, investigates language and memory processes in younger and older adults, including processes involved in comprehending and producing words.

Cristina Bejarano, Mellon Chau postdoctoral fellow in anthropology, in her current book project, examines the efforts of the Mexican state to build an infrastructure aimed at promoting biomedical research in the field of genomics. 

Eleanor Birrell, assistant professor of computer science, researches system security and data privacy and is developing a new approach to data security and use-based authorizations.

Franny Brogan, visiting assistant professor of linguistics and cognitive science, studies Spanish sociolinguistics, specifically understudied dialects of Central America.

Alexis Burgess, visiting assistant professor of philosophy, works on questions of representation and reality and is researching topics of personal identity and survival. He is especially interested in understanding conceptual change, and how it shapes our social world.

Charlotte D’Evelyn, visiting assistant professor of music, is an ethnomusicologist and researcher of music, heritage and ethnic politics in Inner Mongolia, China.

Erica Dobbs, assistant professor of politics, explores the shifting dynamics of citizenship and political membership in relation to global mass migration.

Cécile Evers, lecturer in anthropology, has written about topics involving Muslim youth in relation to language use and online media. 

John Favreau, post-MFA fellow in theatre and dance, taught technical production and lighting design at Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Fullerton.

Jon Gill, lecturer in religious studies, has a forthcoming book titled, “The World Creates God: A Process Theopoetic Aesthetic Religion as Lived Out by Underground Rap Culture.”

Melissa Givens, assistant professor of music, was the vocal soloist in the recital “Chiaroscuro: Light and Dark in Art Song,” which was performed at two locations in Texas and also at Pomona College in April 2017.

Edray Goins, professor of mathematics, has research interests in algebraic geometry, elliptic curves and number theory, among other areas.

Dalia Gómez, visiting instructor of Romance languages and literatures, does interdisciplinary research on the exploration of place attachment, built environments and altered landscapes in environmental literature. 

Esther Hernández-Medina, lecturer in history, examines the changes Mexico City has undergone over the last three decades in terms of democratization and citizen participation.

Loren Holland, lecturer in art, most recently has had an exhibition at Cal State Fresno, “Eyes Forward: Creating Our Narrative.”

Ssu-Fang Lu Jessie, lecturer in Asian literature and languages, has research interests that include contemporary Chinese cinema, environmental writing and East Asian popular culture.

Elaine Kahn, lecturer in English, is the author of the poetry collection “I Told You I Was Sick: A Romance,” among other books and chapbooks.

Mihoko Kato, visiting assistant professor of biology, was a postdoctoral fellow at Caltech and taught Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology at Occidental College.

Evan Kindley, visiting assistant professor of English, is a founding editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books and a frequent contributor to The NationThe New Republic and other publications.

Kathleen King, visiting assistant professor of psychology, is researching classroom management knowledge, training and efficacy.

Brad McHose, lecturer in philosophy, recently taught a course at UCLA on medical ethics, examining topics of death, abortion and euthanasia.

Jessie Mills, assistant professor of theatre, taught a course at Wabash College on guerrilla theatre, site-specific theatre and flash mobs.

Nicole Moore, visiting instructor of geology, has an article in press on the three-stage petrochemical evolution of the Steens Basalt. 

Ainsley Morse, visiting assistant professor of German and Russian, researches 20th and 21st century unofficial or underground literature of the Soviet period in relationship to official literature and state censorship.

Graham Odell, visiting assistant professor of politics, is currently working on a book on historical periods of state formation in China and Japan.

Joseph Osborn, assistant professor of computer science, is an artificial intelligence researcher whose expertise includes game design.

Jennifer Schulz, lecturer in dance, teaches movement and Alexander Technique in universities throughout the Los Angeles area, including training television and film actors. 

Gordon Stecklein, visiting assistant professor of physics and astronomy, researches the making, measuring and modeling of atomically thin materials (graphene, 2D transition metal dichalcogenides). 

Kevin Wynter, assistant professor of media studies, focuses on body genres and contemporary European art cinema, screen histories of race and representation, psychoanalytic theory and black popular culture.

Kim Ye, lecturer in art, has performed and exhibited in Los Angeles at The Getty Center, Hammer Museum, Machine Project, and in Mexico City, Mexico and Paris, France, among other cities and spaces.

Jing Zhou, visiting instructor of Asian languages and literatures, has written articles on reading anxiety in learners of Chinese as a foreign language and the effect on ESL learners from reading extensively online.

Arely Zimmerman, assistant professor of Chicana/o and Latina/o studies, co-authored the book “By Any Media Necessary: The New Youth Activism.”


Photo: Back row (L to R): Edray Goins, Joseph Osborn, Jessie Mills, Kathleen King, Nicole Moore, Gordon Stecklein, Charlotte D’Evelyn, John Favreau, Erica Dobbs, Arely Zimmerman, Franny Brogan. Front row (L to R): Mihoko Kato, Cristina Bejarano, Lise Abrams, Eleanor Birrell, Dalia Gómez, Jing Zhou, Melissa Givens