Pomona Named One of Top 10 Colleges for Best Financial Aid by The Princeton Review

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Pomona College is No. 5 on The Princeton Review’s “Best Financial Aid” list featured in their new book, “Best Value Colleges: 200 Schools with Exceptional ROI for Your Tuition Investment.”

Pomona College is one of a handful of institutions that practice need-blind admissions and provides need-based financial aid. Financial aid packages are comprised of grants, scholarships and a small work stipend. While loans are available, Pomona does not use loans to meet a student's financial need. More than half of Pomona students receive financial aid and the average award is $52,173.

The Princeton Review chose the 200 schools based on a comprehensive analysis of data from its surveys of administrators at more than 650 colleges in 2017-18. Survey topics covered academics, cost, financial aid, career services, graduation rates, student debt and alumni support.

In addition, data from student surveys were also factored in to the rankings, as well as PayScale.com surveys of alumni about their starting and mid-career salaries and job satisfaction. Ultimately, The Princeton Review analyzed more than 40 data points to select the 200 schools in its ranking lists.

Pomona College is also listed No. 30 for “Top 50 Green Colleges” and No. 24 for “Top 50 Best Value Colleges.”