Come together with Sagehens and The Claremont Colleges community to explore and examine a range of thought-provoking topics and ignite your intellectual spark. The Ideas@Pomona program curates the best content from around campus and the greater Pomona community to ignite discussion, share ideas and highlight exciting areas of research. In Ideas@Pomona: Family Edition, President G. Gabrielle Starr and a line-up of four Pomona College parents will present a series of mini-talks on topics that challenge and inspire them.

G. Gabrielle Starr - "Beauty and Creativity"

In exploring some of the brain bases of the experiences of beauty and creativity, President Starr makes the case for why aesthetic experiences matter to everyday life and to everyday success.

G. Gabrielle Starr is president of Pomona College and a scholar of English literature and neuroscience.

Cam Neely P '21 - "How Life's Challenges Shape Your Future"

Life is not always going to go your way professionally or personally. Take the failures in stride and continue to work hard despite obstacles that may appear in your way. Hard work will always win.

Cam Neely P’21 is the president of the Boston Bruins. A professional hockey player for the Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks, he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2005.

Lauren Versel P '21 - "How Long Can You Hang? How I Spent Three Decades as a Woman in the Film Industry"

Versel will discuss her multi-faceted career in Hollywood as a writer, director, editor, financier and producer. She will address the state of women in the film and entertainment industry, at a time when issues of gender discrimination and harassment are dominating the Hollywood conversation.

Lauren Versel P’21 is a founding member of Lucky Monkey Pictures and has over 25 years of experience in film, television and theater as a writer, director, editor, producer and financier.

Christopher Darden P '20 - "Rising Above the Court of Public Opinion"

A central figure in the one of the most media-saturated and publicly divisive trials in American history, Darden will speak to finding his power of self-belief and cultivating strength to ignore the naysayers.

Christopher Darden P’20 is a Los Angeles-based practicing attorney, author and lecturer. A member of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office for 15 years, he was a prosecutor on the O. J. Simpson trial.

Stavros Lambrinidis P '21 - "What's So Scary About Smart Girls? And Other Fun Questions About Human Rights"

Lambrinidis will address the role of human rights as a critical “hard policy” instrument for building peaceful, secure and prosperous societies and for addressing major world conflicts. He will do so in the form of answers to four questions often raised by major rights violators to hinder the promotion of human rights in foreign policy.

Stavros Lambrinidis P’21 has been the European Union's special representative for human rights since 2012. He previously served as minister for foreign affairs of Greece and vice president of the European Parliament.

This event is free and open to the public; tickets are required.

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Friday, February 16, 2018 4:00 pm
  • Pomona College
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  • 450 N. College Way
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