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A degree in the liberal arts from Pomona College prepares students for post-collegiate lives that are rich and varied.  Accordingly, our approach to post-collegiate outcomes seeks to understand the multi-dimensional contributions students make throughout their lives:  From first-destinations to advanced degrees, from first jobs to long careers with unpredictable twists and turns, and including the many kinds of contributions (personal/ public, financial/non-financial, social, political, etc.) that reflect the bold thinking and creative passions nurtured during their time at Pomona.

First Destinations 

Career Development Office: Where Do Grads Go?

Advanced Degrees

Graduate/Professional School, Trends

Graduation Cohort 1 Year 5 Years 10 Years
2008 18% 62%  
2004 22% 65% 83%
1999 20% 79% 86%
1994 30% 75% 77%
AVG 23% 70% 82%

1-year-out: COFHE Senior Survey (plans surveyed in April/May, prior to graduation)
5- and 10-years-out: COFHE Alumni Survey

Post-Graduate Experiences

Alumni Career Paths & Profiles

Alumni Survey Results