Painting class with Professor Sandeep Mukherjee

Behind any great thinker—be they scientist, artist, or business leader—lies an inherent ability to see problems in a new light and imagine innovative solutions. Many of the initiatives in Campaign Pomona are conceived to strengthen these critical and creative facilities. These include:

  • Fostering Creativity Through the Arts;
  • Expanding Opportunities for Intensive Summer Experiences;
  • Building Local and Global Connections; and
  • Investing in Faculty.

Artists in Residence

The arts play a key role in shaping creative and intellectually daring habits of thought. Both celebrative and critical, the arts make us think and feel, evaluate and synthesize, experience both the struggles and joys of creating something new and meaningful. Perhaps more than any other endeavor, the arts generate an atmosphere of discovery, and so they live at the very core of a vibrant liberal arts education.

Campaign Pomona is an investment in the people, programs, and facilities that inspire future Pomona students. As part of this, the College seeks funding for a number of important new initiatives in the arts, including:

  • Strengthening the Pomona College Museum of Art
  • Creating a Distinguished Visiting Artists Program
  • Support for Innovative Teaching in the Arts

Endless Summer

The Pomona summer research program supports hundreds of research projects where students and faculty work side by side in the lab, the library, or out in the field. The takeaway by students is incredible; beyond the personal experiences, studies show those who participate in research are more likely to pursue advanced degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Similarly, internships permit students to learn what it's like to work in a nonprofit organization, law office, or movie studio.

Student interest in both summer research and internships has grown dramatically in recent years—so much so the College has been able to meet the needs of only two-thirds of those applying for grants through the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) and only about half of those who apply for internships through the Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP).

Campaign Pomona wants to grow these enormously successful programs. Equally important is making these opportunities available to a wider range of students, including those from lower-income families who depend upon summer earnings and cannot otherwise afford to take part in unpaid internships.

Global Networking

Life-changing connections are forged daily at Pomona, many thanks in part to connections between the College and outside resources reaching from Claremont to the other side of the globe. Through these resources, Pomona brings the world to its students and encourages them to explore beyond campus.

As a college connected to the world, Pomona also links its students to communities around the globe. Today, in a world of rapidly blurring borders, the ability to communicate across international boundaries and be productive in more than one cultural setting is no longer a luxury—it is an essential quality of leadership.

To create new opportunities that reach beyond our campus, both near and far, the College targeted several important initiatives:

The Right Investment

Pomona’s reputation as one of the finest colleges in the United States is, in large measure, a tribute to the talented men and women who teach, mentor, and do research here. But what makes a faculty great?

The ability to attract and retain brilliant faculty members passionate about their fields of study and teaching undergraduates is critical for any college that wants to stay on the forefront of education. Pomona must be able to compete for these scholars, not only with other top liberal arts colleges, but also with research universities around the world.

Over the next few years, the creation of 10 endowed faculty fellowships for early-career faculty is essential in order to strengthen Pomona's ability to invite promising new faculty to campus. These fellowships allow Pomona to grow its faculty to meet burgeoning student demand for courses in important targeted areas, including interdisciplinary study.

Created by a gift of $1,500,000, each Endowed Faculty Fellowship helps support the hiring and retention of a key new member of Pomona's faculty with competitive levels of compensation and scholarly support. Each Faculty Fellowship will be awarded to one exceptional new member of Pomona's faculty. After six years, the point at which faculty normally undergo tenure review, the fellowship will pass on to a new faculty hire in whatever academic area is then deemed to be of greatest strategic importance. Because the fellowships rotate over time, the program ensures there will be a constant infusion of talented faculty wherever the College's need is greatest.