During the Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR) phase of the last review, the goal of the College was to demonstrate its ability to carry out its educational mission in light of the former four WASC Standards. The following excerpt from the WASC Accreditation Handbook provides a brief description of this phase of the review:

Capacity and Preparatory Review Description [pdf]

The primary focus of the CPR is to assure that Pomona has the necessary resources, processes, structures and values to succeed in its mission, including everything from staff, physical and technical resources to committee structures, program review policies and course approval processes. In particular, the CPR addresses the College's capacity to assess student learning in an ongoing and systematic way. 

The CPR report was submitted in January, 2009, a WASC team then visited Pomona, and WASC accepted the report that June. A copy of the CPR report is available to the campus community and can be accessed with a campus login (please make sure that "campus\" appears before your login):