While the Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR) addresses the resources and structures in place to carry out the mission of the College, the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) addresses the educational results of those resources and structures, i.e. student learning.  The EER phase is an opportunity to demonstrate improvements to student learning that have been made as a result of the capacity and preparatory review and other on-going assessment activities in the curriculum and co-curriculum of the College.  The following excerpt from the WASC Handbook of Accreditation provides a brief description of this phase of the review:

Educational Effectiveness Review Description [pdf]

The College submitted its EER report in January 2011, a WASC team visited campus and made a report in the spring, and Pomona's accreditation was reaffirmed in July 2011. The EER report and related documents are available to the Pomona College community with a campus login (starting with "campus\" -- e.g., campus\xxx04747) at