Academic Groups (Claremont Colleges)

Classes from all disciplines at the Claremont Colleges can schedule a visit to current exhibitions during normal museum hours. To schedule a visit, please contact Programs Assistant, Noor Asif. Advanced notice of 2 weeks is appreciated.

Please include the following information in your request:

- Group name (college and class title)

- Expected number of participants

- Faculty name, phone number, and email

- Exhibition(s) you’d like to view

- Preferred date and time for your tour

- Special needs your group might have

*To schedule a visit to the Museum's Collection Study Room or the Native American Collection Study Center, please contact Associate Director/Registrar, Steve Comba.

Guided Tours for K-12, non-7C Academic Groups, Adult, and Community Groups

The Pomona College Museum of Art welcomes group visits. Please contact Justine Bae, by email or phone (909) 607-7543, at least two weeks in advance of the date of your preferred visit in order for us to staff the galleries appropriately. We recommend allowing at least 1 hour for your visit. Our galleries often have limited capacity of 10-15 people at one time.

Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided group tours are welcome during normal museum hours. Please contact Justine Bae by email or phone at (909) 607-7543 at least two weeks in advance to let us know when you are coming, even if you do not require a guided tour so we may staff the galleries appropriately.