Academic Groups (Claremont Colleges)

Classes from all disciplines at The Claremont Colleges can schedule a visit to current exhibitions during normal museum hours. To schedule a visit, please email Advance notice to avoid conflicts with other classes or events is appreciated. Tours outside of regular museum hours can be accommodated with two weeks notice.

Please include the following information in your request:

- Group name (college and class title)

- Expected number of participants

- Faculty name, phone number, and email

- Exhibition(s) you’d like to view

- Preferred date and time for your tour

- Special needs your group might have

*To schedule a visit to the Museum's Collection Study Room or the Native American Collection Study Center, please contact Associate Director/Registrar, Steve Comba.

Self-Guided Tours

Explore the Museum’s exhibitions at your own pace during normal museum hours. Our galleries often have limited capacity of 10-15 people at one time, and reservations are always required for groups of 10 people or more. Please email or phone (909) 607-7543, at least two weeks in advance. We recommend allowing at least 1 hour for your visit.