Marking/Remarking: Aerial Photographs by Marilyn Bridges

Aerial Photographs by Marilyn Bridges
September 4 - December 16, 2012
Opening Reception:Saturday, September 15, 4-6 PM

This exhibition, drawn from the permanent collection of the Pomona College Museum of Art, showcases the work of aerial photographer Marilyn Bridges.  The photographs included in this exhibition examine marks left on the earth by ancient and modern civilizations as well as geologic processes, giving each mark equal weight through an impartial aerial view.  Offering an alternative to the ancient-natural/modern-intrusive dichotomy, “Marking/Remarking” investigates the necessary cooperation between land and civilization as marks on the earth are made, erased, and altered.  From ancient geoglyphs to industrial farmland and impressive volcanoes, the photographs of Marilyn Bridges provide a different view of the earth, its history, and our marks upon it.

“Marking/Remarking” is curated by Zoë Jameson (PO ’15) as a summer undergraduate research project to complement the Mellon Elemental Arts Initiative at Pomona College.  The theme of the 2012-2013 year is EARTH.

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