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The Chemistry Department

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The Chemistry Department provides its students with a thorough education in the fundamental processes of the chemical world to foster creative and critical thinking. The curriculum introduces students to an understanding of chemical phenomena, structure, properties and transformations at the atomic and molecular levels. A collegial and supportive environment distinguishes the student-faculty interaction in many contexts, including the classroom and laboratory. It is this experience that prepares students for a variety of professional pursuits and enables them to learn beyond the confines of the college throughout their lifetime and to be constructive and contributing citizens of the community.

The Chemistry Department occupies the recently renovated and well-equipped Seaver Chemistry Laboratory. Students have the opportunity for hands-on experience with modern instrumentation and sophisticated software within the context of their coursework and independent research projects as early as their first year. In addition to extensive instrumentation and computational facilities, other resources for experimental and theoretical work include ready access to the primary chemical literature through online and print holdings in the Honnold Library.

Daniel O'LearyProfessor and Chair (909) 621-8444Seaver North 114
Nicholas BallAssistant Professor (909) 607-0378Seaver North 208
Roberto A. Garza-LopezProfessor (909) 621-8453Seaver North 110
Fred GriemanProfessor (909) 621-8450Seaver North 112
Malkiat JohalProfessor (909) 607-4253Seaver North 110
Jane LiuAssistant Professor (909) 607-8832Seaver North 216
David OxtobyProfessor (909) 621-8131Alexander 206
Matthew SazinskyAssociate Professor (909) 607-1011Seaver North 214
Cynthia SelassieProfessor (909) 621-8446Seaver North 210
Charles TaylorAssociate Professor (909) 607-4169Seaver North 204
Emeriti Faculty
Freeman AllenEmeritus
Alvin BeilbyEmeritus
Wayne SteinmetzEmeritus
Adjunct/Performance Faculty
Mukesh AroraVisiting Faculty (909) 607-9623Seaver North 25
Emily BockmonVisiting Faculty (909) 607-3014Seaver North 114
Katy MuzikarBiochemistry Laboratory Coordinator (909) 607-6856Seaver North 206
Tina NegrittoDirector, Program in Molecular Biology (909) 607-9632R.C. Seaver 221
Benjamin SveinbjornssonPostdoctoral Fellow (909) 607-0918Seaver North 27
Thomas VasquezOrganic Laboratory Coordinator (909) 607-8974Seaver North 118
Anne YuGeneral Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator (909) 607-4252Seaver North 109
Lauri BellAcademic Department Coordinator (909) 621-8448Seaver North 103
Connie BoonStockroom Manager (909) 621-8449Seaver North 107
William CraneSenior Electronics Technician (909) 607-2235Seaver North 19
Student Liaisons
Hannah Wayment-Steele

Mailing AddressPomona College, Chemistry, 645 N. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 621-8448

Fax(909) 607-7726

Campus LocationSeaver North