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Learning Objectives

Program Outcome 1: Students will learn about economic theory
Program Outcome 2: Students will become familiar with statistical analysis and will be able to construct and test rigorous models of individual and aggregate behavior.
Program Outcome 3: Students will learn how to interpret empirical results in the context of competing explanations.
Program Outcome 4: Students will understand the role of public policy in addressing economic problems.
Program Outcome 5: Students will be able to effectively analyze and communicate about economic phenomena.

Measurement of student progress towards these goals comes in several forms:

  • Performance in economics classes: a C is required in core courses
  • Performance on the MFAT (Major Field Achievement Test) administered each spring to seniors (see graph below)
  • Performance in the senior seminar, including the presentation by many students of their senior seminar work to our faculty at the end of the year
  • Feedback from alumni collected for department self studies
  • Feedback from external review committees