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Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis at Pomona College

Professor Rick Hazlett explains what makes the Environmental Analysis major at Pomona College special.

Student Passions

"The Career Development Office at Pomona really helped me think about what I might do to apply some of these theories in my real-world career."


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One of the greatest challenges facing humankind in the twenty-first century is the need to develop a sustainable civilization in a world with natural systems and limits under increasing strain from economic expansion and population growth. To help prepare students for this complex challenge the faculty at the five Claremont Colleges has created a new 5-C major in Environmental Analysis (EA). It is a deeply interdisciplinary major that draws on the insights of the humanities, sciences, and social sciences and is designed to prepare our students for careers in many environmental problem-solving fields, including law, policy, medicine, the sciences, conservation, global climate change, urban planning, and resource management. It also offers a solid background for careers in community action, environmental education, and urban agriculture.

A student who majors in Environmental Analysis will:

  • engage, assess, and critique an interdisciplinary scholarly literature;
  • apply relevant theoretical techniques and methodological insights to environmental issues across the disciplines;
  • conduct original archival, empirical and/or applied research, individually and collaboratively;
  • speak and write clearly and persuasively;
  • understand the real-world dimensions of environmental problem-solving.

To build on its robust academic offerings, the Environmental Analysis Program strongly encourages its students to spend a semester abroad. We believe that this vital experience will provide our majors with a richer, cross-cultural appreciation for the profound global dimensions of our environmental situation. Specially focused environmental Study Abroad semesters vary from campus to campus, but include programs in Australia, Costa Rica, Botswana, New Zealand, Ecuador, and South Africa.

Bowman CutterAssociate Professor of Economics (909) 607-8187Carnegie 212
N. Ann DavisMcConnell Professor of Human Relations and Professor of Philosophy (909) 607-1695Pearsons 210
Richard HazlettProgram Coordinator, Stephen M. Pauley M.D. '62 Professor of Environmental Studies, Professor of Geology (909) 621-8676Edmunds 112
Marc Los HuertosAssociate Professor of Environmental Analysis (909) 607-0651Edmunds 128
Char MillerDirector, W.M. Keck Professor of Environmental Analysis (909) 607-8343Edmunds 127
Anne TessierAdministrative Assistant (909) 607-2348Seaver South 229
Student Liaisons
Katherine Barton
Elizabeth Hansen
James Holmes
Johanna Rayl

Mailing AddressPomona College, Environmental Analysis, 609 N. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 607-2348

Campus LocationSeaver South 229