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Linguistics and Cognitive Science

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Faculty and Students in the Field

mary pastor

Last fall, students in Professor Mary Paster’s Fieldwork in Linguistics class had the unique opportunity to conduct fieldwork with Somali immigrants, an experimental approach to the class, which proved a valuable variation on studying language.


Recent Student Awards

Haley Brown
Linguistics alumna Haley Brown wins Watson Fellowship

Rodrigo Ranero
Ling/Cog Sci major Rodrigo Ranero wins Davis Peace Grant

Rodrigo Ranero
Rodrigo Ranero '14 Awarded Downing Scholarship to Study at Cambridge

2014 Senior Thesis Awards

Fletcher Jones Foundation Prize in Cognitive Science
Aleksandra Gawlik, Thinking Hands: How Gesture Affects Spatial Working Memory
Caryn McCarthy, Why Don't Young Adults Show a Bilingual Advantage? Cognitive Load and the Efficiency of Executive Processes

Glass Linguistics Prize for best Linguistics thesis:
Rodrigo Ranero Echeverria, The Syntax and Semantics of Kuria /ne-/

2013 Senior Thesis Awards

John Purvis Prize for best Cognitive Science thesis
Leyla Tarhan, Emotional Faces and Cognition: The Effects of Ekman's Facial Action Task on Memory [pdf]

Glass Linguistics Prize for best Linguistics thesis
Martha Johnson, Aspects of Lubukusu Verbal Tonology

2012 Senior Thesis Awards

John Purvis Prize for best Cognitive Science thesis
Joel Fishbein, Voltaire was forged, but more easily duped: Investigating the lexical access of polysemes [pdf]

Glass Linguistics Prize for best Linguistics thesis
Kristen Piepgrass, Pitch Accents for Presupposed Information in Russian Matrix Clauses

Karen Kossuth Linguistics Prize for most innovative Linguistics thesis
Arianna Schreiber, READ THIS! GET FREE PIZZA! An Ethnographic and Linguistic Investigation of a Liberal Arts College’s Email Subject Lines [pdf]

The Linguistics and Cognitive Science Department offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of language and mind, with a focus on the central role of language in understanding the nature of cognition. The undergraduate major features core courses in linguistics and cognitive science followed by a choice of two tracks: one emphasizing linguistics and the other cognitive science.

The curriculum is intercollegiate, offering courses taught at Pitzer and Scripps as well as Pomona, and multi-disciplinary, offering courses in philosophy, music, computer science, psychology and neuroscience.

Deborah BurkeW. M. Keck Distinguished Service Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science (909) 607-2440Edmunds 206
Michael DiercksAssistant Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science (909) 607-0864Edmunds 201
Carmen FoughtProfessor of Linguistics, Pitzer College (909) 607-4535Holden L144, Pitzer
Laura JohnsonVisiting Assistant Professor (909) 621-8947Edmunds 203
Meredith LandmanVisiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science (909) 621-8927Edmunds 204
Mary PasterAssociate Professor and Chair of Linguistics and Cognitive Science (909) 621-8648Edmunds 207
Bridget SamuelsVisiting Instructor (909) 621-8947Edmunds 209
Emeriti Faculty
Jay AtlasPeter W. Stanley Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy
Rene CoppietersProfessor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Karen NightingaleDepartment Coordinator (909) 621-8947Edmunds Building 211

Mailing AddressPomona College, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, 185 E. Sixth St., Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 621-8947

Campus LocationEdmunds Building