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Prospective Students

Pomona College Orchestra

Pomona College Orchestra


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Glee Club

Pomona College Glee Club

With a range of outstanding performance opportunities, a talented and passionate student body, and a reputation for musical excellence, Pomona’s Music Department is the ideal place for you to continue your involvement with music regardless of your major area of study.

If you want to perform in a Music Department ensemble and/or study your instrument/voice through private lessons, we encourage you to submit a music supplement in addition to submitting an application to Pomona through the Common Application. If you would like to attend a rehearsal and/or speak with a faculty member about the program while you're on campus visiting the College, please contact the appropriate faculty listed below.

Students with strong skills, significant ensemble or solo experience, and a strong desire to participate in the Music Department’s performance offerings may wish to have their musical ability and accomplishments evaluated by music faculty PRIOR to submitting an official application to the College. Prospective applicants in this category should contact the appropriate faculty listed below well before the start of the senior year in high school, preferably no later than July 1.

We are delighted you are considering Pomona as you think about your college experience. If you have additional question about our department’s offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Additional questions?
Feel free to email the Music Department at

Faculty contacts:

Graydon Beeks Band Musicians:

Graydon Beeks
Donna M. Di Grazia Choral Singers / Vocalists:

Donna M. Di Grazia
Tom Flaherty Composers/Arrangers:

Tom Flaherty
Eric C. Lindholm Orchestral Musicians:

Eric C. Lindholm
Genevieve F. Lee Pianists:

Genevieve F. Lee
Alfred Cramer Other interests and instruments:

Alfred Cramer