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Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Physics and Astronomy at Pomona

Professor David Tanenbaum explains what makes the Physics and Astronomy majors at Pomona College special.

Courses in physics and astronomy give you a chance to explore the interactions of matter and energy at the deepest level, in contexts ranging from the subatomic to the cosmic.The discipline has also provided insights that have fundamentally shaped Western thought in philosophy, religion, history, and politics. Our courses teach problem-solving, reasoning, and experimental skills that are extremely valuable in other academic disciplines, the job market, and everyday life. Graduates with physics degrees achieve success in a diverse range of fields, including engineering, medicine, aerospace, and business.

Our Pomona Physics and Astronomy Department is dedicated to providing the best possible courses in undergraduate physics and astronomy. This includes our introductory sequences in Physics, which make use of laboratory experiences developed here in Claremont, and an advanced sequence that makes use of our Six Ideas that Shaped Physics curriculum, written by Pomona College’s Thomas Moore. Our upper level courses feature advanced laboratories that make full use of our facilities, and which allow students to design and conduct their own experiments. Many of our upper level theoretical courses include tutorials, where students are taught in groups of two or three, and where they lead presentations of derivations for advanced physics formulae.

Our eight permanent faculty do lively research in a variety of areas, including nanotechnology, Bose-Einstein condensates, biophysics, and observational astrophysics using both ground-based and space telescopes. Our extraordinary facilities for research include a research-grade 1-meter telescope at the mountaintop site known as Table Mountain and a scanning electron microscope, and tunneling microscope. Our rich and innovative curriculum explores topics ranging from the physics of music to general relativity and cosmology. Our graduates include not only academic and industrial research scientists, but also doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, computer programmers, and movie/TV technicians. Physics and astronomy provides mental tools for success in a wide range of fields!

David TanenbaumDepartment Chair and Professor of Physics and Astronomy (909) 621-8722Seeley G. Mudd 215
Philip ChoiAssociate Professor of Physics and Astronomy (909) 607-0890Seeley G. Mudd 213
Janice HudgingsSeeley W. Mudd Professor of Physics (909) 621-8729Seeley G. Mudd 216A
John KoulakisVisiting Lecturer (909) 621-8724
Alfred KwokAssociate Professor of Physics and Astronomy (909) 621-8724On Leave
Richard MawhorterProfessor of Physics and Astronomy (909) 621-8725Seeley G. Mudd 212
Thomas MooreProfessor of Physics and Astronomy (909) 621-8726Mason Hall 107
Bryan PenpraseFrank P. Brackett Professor of Astronomy (909) 621-8727On Leave
Hillary SmithVisiting Lecturer (909) 621-8724
Adrian SoldatenkoVisiting Faculty (909) 607-9312Seeley G. Mudd 211
Loredana VetereVisiting Faculty (909) 621-8302Seeley G. Mudd 216B
Dwight WhitakerAssociate Professor of Physics (909) 607-9795Seeley G. Mudd 216A
Alma ZookProfessor of Physics and Astronomy (909) 621-8723Seeley G. Mudd 214
Emeriti Faculty
Catalin Mitescu Emeritus Faculty Member
Natalie HughesAcademic Coordinator (909) 621-8724Seeley G. Mudd 217
Glenn FlohrSenior Laboratory Machinist (909) 621-8720Seaver North 7
Tony GrigsbySenior Electronics Technician (909) 621-8718Seeley G. Mudd 140-141
David HaleySenior Laboratory Technician (909) 621-8721Seeley G. Mudd 132

Mailing AddressPomona College, Physics and Astronomy, 610 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 621-8724

Campus LocationSeeley G. Mudd Hall