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Records Management

The mission of Pomona College's records management program is to provide for the consistent and efficient creation, use, maintenance, organization, and disposition of the College’s records.  The program will ensure the preservation of records with permanent or archival value and ensure the retirement and destruction of records with temporary value.  All Pomona College’s administrative and academic departments are required to participate in the College’s records management program.

Official College records consist of all recorded information created or received in the course of conducting business to meet the administrative, evidential, fiscal, legal, and historical needs of the institution. These records are the property of Pomona College. Types of records include:

  • Academic Records: Records that document teaching and learning, such as course schedules and descriptions, syllabi, and reading lists.
  • Administrative Records: Includes reports, correspondence, operational records for all offices, departments, units, committees, and working groups, including executive staff.
  • Communications Records: Includes photographs, publications, websites, and social media networks.
  • Employment Records: Personnel records, benefits, and payroll records for all employees; includes Faculty Tenure and Promotion records.
  • Financial Records: Budget, accounting, investment, and gifts and estate records.
  • Operations Records: Records concerning building and grounds construction and maintenance.
  • Research Records: Grant records and grant-related accounting records.
  • Student Records: Graduate and undergraduate matriculated and non-matriculated student records.

Pomona College Archives provides records management services to all offices and departments at the College by assisting them to efficiently manage their records. Archives staff are available to meet with departments and offices to help them determine appropriate retention and disposal of their records.  If you have questions about records management at the College, or wish to discuss your participation in the records management program, please contact the Archives.