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Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP)

What is AAMP?

Established in the fall of 1989, AAMP began as an organization aimed at meeting the specific needs of first year Asian American students. AAMP fosters a growing and learning experience for both mentors and "mentees." We serve as a forum for dialogue about Asian Pacific American (APA) issues, within the mentor group, between mentors, and between AAMP and the entire Pomona community. With the intention of developing Asian American leaders, AAMP enables the mentors to choose the focus of the program, select its activities and their depth of involvement within the lives of their mentees.

Based on their housing assignments, all Asian American first year students are placed in mentor groups. Approximately fifteen mentors are selected each year and are trained by three head mentors. We also aspire to build a stronger and more diverse APA community while cultivating unity within the larger Claremont Colleges environment. Common mentor group activities include lunches and off-campus excursions. AAMP sponsors an annual retreat to Halona, Pomona's cabin in Idyllwild. This provides an opportunity for APA first-years to interact with each other and mentors in a focused setting that is conducive to a social as well as intellectually stimulating experience.

Relationship to Other Asian American Organizations

AAMP is an organization that addresses issues that confront Asian Americans. There are other clubs on campus that focus on Asian cultural events. AAMP is not an exclusive social group. While we promote social interaction, we also create an open line of communication and a supportive environment for personal growth. We work independently of the Asian American Resource Center (AARC) and are entirely student-run; however, AAMP uses AARC as a resource.

Contact Us

We encourage questions, comments, compliments, and suggestions. 

Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP)
c/o Asian American Resource Center 
170 East Sixth Street - Suite 240
Claremont, CA 91711

Telephone: (909) 621-8639