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AARC Programs

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

In collaboration with Asian Pacific American student groups, the AARC organized a month of prominent speakers, live entertainment, art exhibits, films, and banquets to celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of Asian and Pacific Islanders from all backgrounds.  One of the biggest events each year is the community fair held at Pomona College campus.  The APA Heritage Month community fair consists of vendors, food, entertainment, and community based organizations.

Asian Pacific Islander Arts Initiative

To promote a space for students to explore creative expressions, programs throughout the year include performance art, music, and other medium.  In the past, the Independent Film and Video makers Series brought up and coming film makers to Pomona's campus to screen their work and share their experiences as Asian American film makers.  Also, performers such as Jude Narita, Nobuko Miyamoto (Grain of Sand), Fred Ho, and Kalamu ya Salaam have participated in the Arts Initiative. 


In order to provide students and staff videos of selected events and lectures, the AARC Archives are part of the AARC library collection and are available to be checked out.  Throughout the past several years, major events have been taped and cataloged at the AARC for reference use.

Yuri Kochiyama Asian American Studies Multimedia Library

With nearly 600 book titles and 200 videos/DVDs, the Yuri Kochiyama Asian American Studies Multimedia Library is continually growing for the needs of students taking Asian American studies courses, as a resource, and for personal interest.  To see a comprehensive list of the books available, please follow the following link.

Asian American Studies Senior Thesis Presentation

Each spring, seniors majoring in Asian American studies or seniors with Asian American related theses, present their work to other students and faculty as a way to showcase their research to the campus community.

Asian American Studies Lecture Series

Every year, about four presentations by Asian American faculty are given to the Claremont College students.  These presentations usually pertain to the area of expertise of the presenter and include the opportunity for students to interact with questions and comments.

Community Outreach

The Asian American Resource Center reaches beyond the boundaries of the Claremont Colleges and into the community through service projects, by providing students an opportunity to become more involved specifically with the Asian American youth and elderly.  Several times each year, the newsletter The Real World is issued to inform students of opportunities available at community based organizations or for selected service projects.

Social Justice Lecture Series

About four times a year, the Social Justice Lecture Series committee brings speakers who are community leaders to present a lecture to the student body.  In efforts to address contemporary issues affecting Asian Pacific Americans, presenters are able to inspire and inform students of pressing concerns across the community.

Social Programs

Study breaks such as study breaks and mixers allow students a place to relieve stress and interact with one another.