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Office of Real Property


The Pomona College Real Property Office manages real property endowment investments and gifts, supervises faculty rentals, and administers the faculty home loan program.

Once alumni and friends of the College have decided to make a donation of real estate to benefit the endowment, this office is responsible for the appraisals, acquisitions, development, management, and dispositions related to these gifts.  Such gifts are comprised of improved and unimproved residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  To explore the possibilities and benefits of a gift of real estate to Pomona College, you may wish to view the benefit options described in The Pomona Plan.

A small number of faculty residential rentals located near the campus are supervised by this office in conjunction with a local property management company. These rentals are  assigned by the Dean of the College.  The waiting list is often long as so few College-owned rentals are available.  As a result, many new faculty members find non-College owned housing in Claremont.  Information to assist with a rental search is provided in the Resources section below.

The faculty home loan program is administered by this office.  Eligibility and restrictions are set forth in the Faculty Handbook.  When program eligibility has been met and a faculty member is considering the purchase of a home in Claremont, the first step in obtaining a loan is to contact the Real Property Office to complete and file an application. We invite you to consult the Resources listed below to help with the planning for a home purchase. 

Dana WoodAssistant Treasurer of the College and Director of Real Property (909) 621-8206(909) 607-7528
Candie PutnamAssistant to the Director of Real Property (909) 607-4020(909) 607-7528

Mailing AddressPomona College, Real Property, 150 E. 8th Street, Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 607-4020

Fax(909) 607-7528

Campus LocationPendleton Building