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President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability

In Fall 2006, Pomona College President David Oxtoby established the President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability (PACS).This committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and monitoring the operations of the campus that directly affect the College's use of resources
  • Developing strategies for increasing campus sustainability
  • Developing outreach and communication programs for spreading information about campus sustainability
  • Administering the President's Sustainability Fund (see below)
  • Developing period reports about campus sustainability to assess progress

The first annual report developed by PACS was the starting point for the Sustainability Audit and Action Plan and the hiring of the Sustainability Coordinator. Download this report [pdf] .

PACS meets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on agenda items. Officially, the Committee consists of:

  • Four students, all appointed for one-year, renewable terms:Environmental Affairs Commissioner (EAC) of Associated Students of Pomona College, or official designee thereof.
  • Additional member of Associated Students of Pomona College.
  • Leader of PEAR or other environmental student organization, nominated by EAC
  • Additional student at-large, nominated by EAC
  • Three faculty members, appointed by the Executive Committee of the Faculty for two-year, renewable terms.
  • Director of the Environmental Analysis Program
  • An Associate or Assistant Dean of the College
  • The Director of Facilities and Campus Services 
  • The Supervisor of the Grounds and Housekeeping Departments
  • A Dean or Associate Dean in Student Affairs or Campus Life
  • The Director of Media Relations
  • The General Manager of Dining Services OR the Facilities and Campus Services Assistant Director - Operations 
  • The Sustainable Food and Purchasing Coordinator of Dining Services
  • The Sustainability Integration Office Coordinator (Facilities and Campus Services Assistant Director – Sustainability)
  • One staff member, appointed by the Staff Council for a two-year, renewable term

PACS meetings are open to all who want to participate! For more information about attending a PACS meeting or being a part of PACS, contact chair Charles Taylor at

President's Sustainability Fund

Through a sub-committee, PACS administers the President's Sustainability Fund, established on a yearly basis by President Oxtoby. These projects must focus on infrastructural or operational changes instead of outreach- or education-focused efforts (for instance, bringing a speaker to campus is not an intended use of the funds, unless perhaps in conjunction with some related campus operational project) Projects that have received funding in the past include:

  • Drying racks in the laundry rooms
  • Drying racks and compost buckets checkout program
  • Construction of SolTrain
  • A cash register and other equipment for the ReCoop thrift store
  • Creation of a residential composting program

See the projects funding page for more information.