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Pomona College Emergency Response Team

The Pomona College Emergency Response Team (ERT) is responsible for planning and preparing the College to respond in the event of a major incident, on or off campus, that substantially impacts daily campus operations.

To respond most effectively, the ERT is grouped into eight Emergency Support Teams (ESTs), by the types of direct assistance and resources that will be needed by the College. Those teams and their representatives are listed below. Please contact any member of the ERT if you have any questions about Pomona College’s emergency planning process.

Academic Affairs - EST 1
Jonathan Wright 607-3084 Jonathan Wright
Margaret Adorno 621-8523 Margaret Adorno
Info Technology - EST 2
Ken Pflueger 607-9506 Ken Pflueger
Anthony Nguyen 621-8523 Anthony Nguyen
Facilities Management - EST 3
Kevin Quanstrom 621-8242 Kevin Quanstrom
Judy Brown 607-4150 Judy Brown
Community Care - EST 4
Ric Townes 607-1775 Ric Townes
Kirk Jones 607-2473 Kirk Jones
Chris Waugh 607-7906 Chris Waugh
Planning - EST 5
Bob Robinson 607-1764 Bob Robinson
Wayne Phan 607-1668 Wayne Phan
Auxiliary Services - EST 6
Margie McKenna 607-3457 Margie McKenna
Jan O'Neill 621-8373 Jan O'Neill
Public Safety - EST 7
Ric Townes 607-1775 Ric Townes
Miriam Feldblum 621-8017 Miriam Feldblum
Communications - EST 8
Marylou Ferry
607-0283 Marylou Ferry
Mark Kendall 607-9660 Mark Kendall
Finance - EST 9
Mary Lou Woods 621-8135 Mary Lou Woods