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Current Faculty Accomplishments

About Accomplishments

Faculty Accomplishments is a monthly list of lectures, books, publications, conference activities, honors, grants, performances, exhibitions and other news, provided by the faculty of Pomona College. To submit an accomplishment, fill out our form.

February 2015

Jack I. Abecassis, professor of French, published the article “Montaigne in Brooklyn: Paul Auster's Body Writing" in Modern Language Notes 129:4, pp. 1035-1059.  

Allan Barr, professor of Chinese, published an article in Chinese in the 2015 issue of Qing shi luncong: “The publication, reception, and repackaging of Dong Han’s San gang zhilüe.” 

Emily Bockmon, visiting assistant professor of chemistry, published “An inter-laboratory comparison assessing the quality of seawater carbon dioxide measurements" in the Journal Marine Chemistry 171:20, pp. 36-43. 

Mietek Boduszynski, assistant professor of politics and international relations, had two op-eds published on February 23: "Libya and ISIS: What Happened?" in The Conversation and “Libya’s Forgotten Human Rights Crisis” in the Los Angeles Times. He presented a research paper on "The Rise and Fall of the ICC in Libya and the Politics of International Surrogate Enforcership" at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association on February 21, and published an analytical report on "The Gulf and the Balkans: Islam, Investment, Influence" in Gulf State Analytics on February 15. 

Ralph Bolton, professor of anthropology, had a keynote address published by the National University of the Altiplano Press in the Libro Memoria of the congress. The chapter, titled "La vida de un antropólogo en el Altiplano peruano: reflexiones y recuerdos (1962-2012)" and edited by Enrique Rivera Vela, was originally delivered in 2012 at the VI Congreso Nacional de Investigaciones en Antropología del Peru in Puno, Peru. 

Deborah Burke, W.M. Keck distinguished service professor in linguistics and cognitive science, gave a keynote address on “Aging and Executive Control: Implications for the Bilingual Advantage” at the Bilingualism and Cognitive Aging conference at University of Groningen, The Netherlands, on January 28-30.

John Clithero, assistant professor of economics, was invited to give two seminars at the University of Zurich’s Department of Economics on February 26-27 on the “Applications of the Drift-Diffusion Model in Simple Economic Choice.” 

Kevin Dettmar, W. M. Keck professor of English, gave a talk on "Dead Poets Society and the Corpus That Talks Back" at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, on February 20. His review of rock critic Robert Christgau’s Going Into the City was published in the Los Angeles Times online on February 26 and in print on March 1. 

Adriana di Bartolo, interim associate dean of students and Queer Resource Center director, presented “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Planning for Prevention that Supports LGBTQ Students,” with Kimberly Timpf (Everfi) at the 2015 NASPA Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Conference in Washington D.C. on January 13. She also facilitated a half-day workshop on February 5 at The National Task Force for LGBTQ Equality: Creating Change for the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals. The workshop focused on bridging the #blacklivesmatter movement with LGBTQ work and support of queer students of color. 

Anne Dwyer, associate professor of German and Russian, gave the talk "Standstill as Extincetion: Viktor Shklovsky's Poetics and Politics of Mobility in the 1920s and 1930s" at “On Strangeness and the Factory of Life: Viktor Shklovsky Then and Now,” a conference dedicated the writer's work held at Columbia University Harriman Institute on February 27. 

Allan Forbes, Queer Resource Center program coordinator, facilitated a half-day workshop on February 5 at The National Task Force for LGBTQ Equality: Creating Change for the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals. 

Erica Flapan, Lingurn H. Burkhead professor of mathematics, co-authored "Topological symmetry groups of Mobius ladders and its Ramifications” in the Journal of Knot Theory 23:14. She also spoke on "Mirror image symmetry from different viewpoints" at the Infinite Horizons Lecture Series [pdf] at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, on February 2. 

Stephan Garcia, associate professor of mathematics, published three papers. The co-written paper "On lattices generated by finite abelian groups" appeared in the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Journal on Discrete Mathematics 29:1, pp. 382-404. He published "The graphic nature of Gaussian periods" (with William Duke and Bob Lutz '13) in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 143:5, pp. 1849-1863.” Finally, "Wetzel's Problem, Paul Erdos, and the Continuum Hypothesis: A Mathematical Mystery" (with Amy L. Shoemaker '14) was published in Notices of the American Mathematical Society 62:3, pp. 243-247. 

Terri Geis, curator of academic programs at the Museum of Art, gave an invited lecture on the intersections between French Surrealism and art in Latin America at UC Riverside’s Department of History of Art on February 5. 

Jean-Paul Gowdy, assistant professor of physical education and head men’s and women’s swimming and diving coach, was voted the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Association (SCIAC) Women's Coach of the Year at the conclusion of the recent SCIAC Swim & Dive championships on February 22. 

Heidi Haddad, assistant professor of politics, participated in the Southern California International Law Scholars Workshop at UCLA on February 6. 

Nina Karnovsky, associate professor of biology, presented research, along with six students from her lab, at the 42nd annual Pacific Seabird Conference in San Jose, California on February 18-21. At the conference, Karnovsky chaired the Climate Change session and presented the talk "Delving into Dovekie Diving: Winners or Losers in a Warming Arctic" with co-author Zachary Brown '07. She was also co-author on these student posters:

  • "Here's the Scoop on Skua Poop: The Reproductive Success and Diets of South Polar Skua Breeding on King George Island" (Miranda Starr '15 and Andrea Sartorius '16),
  • "It Takes Two to Tango: An Investigation of Parental Care Distribution in a Scripps' Murrelet Nest" (Molly Shallman '15),
  • “The Bigger the Beak, the Faster You Seek: Provisioning Patterns of Pelagic Cormorants” (Ramoncito Caleon '15),
  • “Diving Deep into Cassin's Auklets Diving Behavior” (Nicole McDuffie '15), and
  • “The Relationship Between Endangered Hutton's Shearwater Fallouts and Light Bulb Type” (Nola Shi '15). 

Gizem Karaali, associate professor of mathematics, gave a colloquium talk on "Can Zombies Do Math? OR Humanism as a Philosophy of Mathematics" at the Claremont Center for Mathematical Sciences Colloquium on February 11. Karaali also published the poem "A Mathematician's Villanelle" in Math Horizons 22:1, p. 23. 

Sherry Linnell, resident designer and professor of theatre, designed the costumes for The Prince and the Pauper at Main Street Theatre in Rancho Cucamonga running February 28 through March 15. 

Pardis Mahdavi, associate professor of anthropology, was invited to lecture on "Human Trafficking and Gendered Migrations Across Asia" to the Women Journalists Network of NHK Japanese News Service, a leading news outlet of Japan, on February 7. 

Wallace Meyer, director of Bernard Field Station, was invited to speak on “Carbon storage and biodiversity in low elevation Southern California habitat types: Perspectives for a sustainable future” at the Urban Soil Carbon Water Summit held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Museum on February 24. 

Cameron Munter, professor of practice in international relations and politics, helped to organize a joint conference on “The Craft of Diplomacy” with Occidental College on February 6. He moderated a panel on "The Diplomat as Strategist" and participated in a panel on "The Diplomat as Crisis Manager." Students from his course Managing Diplomatic Crisis took part in the event as well.

Gilda Ochoa, professor of sociology and Chicana/o-Latina/o studies, won the 2015 Association for Asian American Studies award for Best Book in Social Science for Academic Profiling: Latinos, Asian Americans and the Achievement Gap (University of Minnesota Press, 2013.) 

Monique Saigal, professor of French emerita, gave a presentation on “A Hidden Child of WWII, My Personal Story” to Troy High School in Fullerton on February 12.

Sulthon Sjahril, visiting Fulbright scholar in economics, presented his paper on "The Potential Political Economic Impact of the Proposed Indonesia-Chile Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" at the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies (PCCLAS) [pdf] at CSU Los Angeles on February 20. He also published an op-ed in the Jakarta Post on "Blueprint Needed for Foreign Policy on Latin America" on January 25.

Heather Williams, associate professor of politics, wrote the articles “What Lies Beneath: An Eco-Historical View of High Andes Water Pollution” for Ambiente e Sociedade 18:1, and "Water Grab in the Andes” for the NACLA Report on the Americas, 47:1. She wrote the chapters “Both sides now: the rise of migrant activism and co-investment in public works in Zacatecas, Mexico,” with Fernando Robledo, in Enduring Reform: Business Responses to Bottom-Up Social Change in the Americas (University of Pittsburgh Press), and "A Paradoxical PANista: The Legacy of President Vicente Fox" in Icons of Mexico (ABL-CIO), ed. by Eric Zolov.