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Current Faculty Accomplishments

About Accomplishments

Faculty Accomplishments is a monthly list of lectures, books, publications, conference activities, honors, grants, performances, exhibitions and other news, provided by the faculty of Pomona College. To submit an accomplishment, fill out our form.

March 2015

Tahir Andrabi, the Stedman-Sumner professor of economics, presented the paper “Can Extreme Shocks be Mitigated: Human Capital Recovery after the Pakistan Earthquake of 2005” [pdf] and chaired a session at the Pacific Coast Development Economic Conference at the University of California San Diego on March 21.

Rita Bashaw, director of the Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations, was invited to present on "Building Language Community at Pomona College: The Oldenborg Experience" at Brigham Young University's symposium on Foreign Language Houses, held March 5-6.

Graydon Beeks, director of music programming and facilities and professor of music, joined his colleagues Alfred Cramer, Carolyn Beck, Roger Lebow and Jason Yoshida, as well as guest Baroque oboist Aki Nishiguchi, in a program of chamber music by Georg Philipp Telemann on the Friday Noon Concert series on February 28, sponsored jointly by the music departments of Pomona and Scripps Colleges.

Gayle Blankenburg, lecturer of music, performed at an American Composers Alliance concert at Cary Hall in New York City on March 14. In the days following the concert, she recorded for CD three of these newly written piano works at Dreamflower Studio in New York.

Mietek Boduszynski, assistant professor of politics and international relations, published a commentary titled “The Key to Real Change in the Middle East: Police Reform” in The Conversation on March 23.

Ralph Bolton, professor of anthropology, chaired a session titled “Assessing and Representing Culture” at the 75th annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology in Pittsburgh on March 25. In the session, he presented a paper on “The Cornell-Peru Project at Vicos: Success of Failure? By What Criteria?”

Alfred Cramer, professor of music, presented the talk "How a Phonological Approach Can Elucidate Musical Structure, Performance, and Listening: An Exploration Involving Narmour's Implication-Realization Model" at the West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis, held at California State University Fullerton on February 28.

Donna M. Di Grazia, David J. Baldwin professor of music, conducted the Pomona College Glee Club at the 86th annual Pacific Southwest Intercollegiate Choral Associate festival in Pasadena on March 7. The festival clinician, Dr. René Clausen (Concordia College), made special note of the Glee Club’s “expressivity, its elegant and graceful phrasing and its musical sensitivity.”

Virginie A. Duzer, associate professor of romance languages and literatures, has had her talk “The 1947 Surrealist Exhibition: a Stage for Literary History,” given via Skype during the 2013 conference “Time and Temporality in European Modernism and the avant-gardes, 1900-1950,” made available on YouTube.

Anne Dwyer, associate professor of Russian, gave an invited colloquium talk, “(Self-Adaptation): Viktor Shkovsky's Cinematic Dostoevsky” in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at UC Berkeley on March 30.

Stephen Erickson, professor of philosophy, was the discussion leader at a three-day Liberty Fund colloquium titled “Theology and Liberty in Bach’s B Minor Mass” in Chicago from March 22-24.

Erica Flapan, the Lingurn H. Burkhead professor of mathematics, gave a presentation on “Topological and geometric symmetries of knotted molecules,” at the Special Session on Topology and Biology at the American Mathematical Society’s Eastern Sectional Meeting in Washington DC on March 7. She also spoke on “Topological and geometric symmetries of molecular structures” at University of San Francisco on March 25.

Peter Flueckiger, associate professor of Japanese, spoke on “Landscape and Nature in Japanese Poetry” to the San Marino League on March 24.

Jennifer Friedlander, Edgar E. and Elizabeth S. Pankey professor of media studies, published a paper titled “Breast-feeding and middle-class privilege: A psychoanalytic analysis of ‘breast is best’” in Subjectivity 8, pp. 74-91. She was also elected as the secretary of the California Forum of the International Forums of the Schools of the Lacanian Field. 

Robert Gaines, associate professor of geology, published the paper “A large new leanchoiliid from the Burgess Shale and the influence of inapplicable states on stem arthropod phylogeny” in Palaeontology on March 27. He also presented the talk “The Cambrian explosion and a remarkable new fossil assemblage from the Burgess Shale" in the Department of Integrative and Comparative Biology at the University of California Berkeley on March 2.

Stephan Garcia, associate professor of mathematics, was a panelist at the Supervising Undergraduate Research conference at the spring 2015 SoCal-Nevada Section Meeting at California Lutheran University on March 14. He also gave two talks at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on March 19: “Complex symmetric operators: an overview” and “Supercharacters and their super powers: the graphic nature of exponential sums.” 

Terri Geis, curator of academic programs at the Pomona College Museum of Art, presented an invited lecture at Arizona State University on Andre Breton, Vodou, and Haiti as part of a lecture series on Surrealism and ethnography organized by the Department of Art History on March 19. She also gave a presentation on the Pomona College Museum's programs with contemporary artists to a class titled "Contemporary Art in Los Angeles" at Antioch University on March 12.

Amanda Hollis-Brusky, assistant professor of politics, had her book Ideas With Consequences: The Federalist Society and the Conservative Counterrevolution by The Wall Street Journal on March 26.

Art Horowitz, associate professor of theatre and dance, conducted a one-week creative writing workshop with the seventh-year students at The Nirman School, in Varanasi, India. The week culminated in a student-generated work, “Our Town: Varanasi, 2015,” a staged reading of which was performed at the school on March 20.

While in Varanasi, Art also delivered two papers: "Dressing the Stage: A Survey of Women Assuming Male Roles Within the Shakespeare Canon” at The Women's Studies Centre and faculty and graduate students of the English Department at Banaras Hindu University on March 17, and "Shakespeare in Asian Performance: Contemporary Chinese, Indian, and Japanese Stage and Film Adaptations." at the Center for Post-Colonial Education at The Nirman School on March 18.

Rachel Levin, associate professor of biology and neuroscience, gave a talk titled “Science and Trans* identity: New insights using a more inclusive approach” at the Keystone Conference on March 20 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Joyce Lu, assistant professor of theatre and dance, performed in “Corps Étranger,” a dance performance with Christine Germain and Diana Lara, as part of the resident artist workshop at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts at One Grove in San Francisco on March 7.  

Pardis Mahdavi, associate professor of anthropology, organized a conference on March 1 called “The Intimate Lives of Intimate Laborers” at Waseda University in Tokyo. Mahdavi gave the opening remarks, chaired a panel, and presented a paper titled “Intimate Im/Mobilities: Love, Labor, and Life Across Asia.” On March 13, she gave an invited keynote lecture, “Intimate Mobilities and Migrations: Lessons from the Gulf and Beyond,” at Yonsei University in Seoul.

Wallace Meyer, assistant professor of biology and director of the Bernard Field Station, Nina Karnovsky, associate professor of biology, and Jonathan Wright, professor of biology, were awarded a Henry David Thoreau Foundation grant for ecological research and environmental education at the Bernard Field Station.

Cameron Munter, professor of practice of international relations, participated in a panel discussion on March 2 at UCLA on how humanities can contribute to policy discussions. He also gave a talk at Columbia University in New York on U.S. policy toward Pakistan on March 11. On March 19, he gave a speech and panel discussion at a conference on Balkan integration in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, he presented on America and Pakistan on March 31.

Dan O’Leary, Carnegie professor of chemistry, co-edited the Handbook of Metathesis, 2nd Ed., Volume 2: Applications in Organic Synthesis (Wiley-VCH, 2015) and co-authored a chapter titled “Cross-Metathesis.”   

Mary Paster, associate professor of linguistics and cognitive science, presented a paper with Alex Samuels ’15, “Verbal tone in Logoori,” at the Workshop on Luyia Bantu Languages at the 46th Annual Conference on African Linguistics at the University of Oregon in Eugene on March 26-28.

Laura Perini, associate professor of philosophy, was a plenary speaker on “Visual Evidence: Pictures and Diagrams” at the Three Rivers Philosophy Conference on “Pictures and Proofs” at the University of South Carolina, March 19-21.

William Peterson, professor of music and college organist, co-authored the paper “Rethinking National Identity in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1921: What’s in a Song?” with his brother James Peterson (Valdosta State University). It was presented by James at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Conference of Slavic Studies in Lexington, Kentucky, on March 7.

Frances Pohl, Dr. Mary Ann Vanderzyl Reynolds ’56 professorship in the humanities and professor of art history, delivered a public lecture at the San Diego Museum of Art titled "American Art History in the Twenty-first Century: New Approaches to the Study of American Art” on March 20. She also published  “Geography Lessons, Canadian Notes on American Art History” in A Companion to American Art (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015). On February 1, she published “Bully Pulpit” in Panorama: Journal of the Association of Historians of American Art.

Brenda Rushforth, assistant vice president of human resources/CHRO, attended the SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference in Washington DC, March 23-25.

Monique Saigal-Escudero, professor of French emerita, was invited to speak on “How a Hidden Child Survived” at “Belfer First Step: Building the History,” a workshop on teaching about the Holocaust for pre-service teachers hosted by CSU San Bernardino on March 7.

Cynthia Selassie, Blanche and Frank R. Seaver professor of science, co-authored an article “QSAR of Toxicology of substituted phenols [pdf] ” in the Journal of Pesticide Science 40:1, pp. 1-12. 

Todd Shimoda, academic applications manager at ITS, presented the paper “The Web of Inquiry: Computer Support for Playing Epistemic Games" at the Fourth International Conference on Educational and Information Technology on March 20 in Florence, Italy.

Sulton Sjahril, visiting Fulbright scholar of economics, was awarded an Outreach Lecturing Fund by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars for a guest lecture about "An Overview on Indonesia-Latin American Relations" at the Center for Latin American and Border Studies at New Mexico State University on April 1.

Valorie Thomas, associate professor of English, curated the art exhibition “Vertigo@Midnight: New Visual AfroFuturisms & Speculative Migrations,” which ran from Feb. 23 to March 8. She also spoke on “On AfroFuturisms: An Introduction,” at the Scripps Noon Academy on February 12, and on “In Vertigo: Peculiarities, Literacies, Catastrophes, and Memoirs of the Future” at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum at Claremont McKenna College on February 18.

Robin Trozpek, assistant vice president for capital giving, and the Pomona College Gift Annuity program were featured by Forbes magazine on March 2.