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Current Faculty Accomplishments

About Accomplishments

Faculty Accomplishments is a monthly list of lectures, books, publications, conference activities, honors, grants, performances, exhibitions and other news, provided by the faculty of Pomona College. To submit an accomplishment, fill out our form.

September 2014

Mietek Boduszynski, assistant professor of politics and international relations, published two op-eds with CMC professor Kristin Fabbe: "What Libya's militia problem means for the Middle East, and the U.S." in the Los Angeles Times and "We are Returning to Iraq, but what about Libya?" on the site Op-Ed Space.

Ralph Bolton '61, professor of anthropology, was the guest of honor at the 40th anniversary celebration of the Professional Anthropology Program and the School of Social Sciences at the San Agustin National University in Arequipa, Peru. He was presented with a plaque in recognition of his academic career and his contributions to communities on the Peruvian Altiplano. Bolton delivered two keynote addresses during this event: "Experiencias de la Antropología Aplicada e Investigación en la Zona Altiplánica" and "El Futuro de la Antropología en el Perú y el Mundo.”

Eileen J. Cheng, associate professor of Chinese, published the article "In Search of New Voices from Alien Lands: Lu Xun, Cultural Exchange, and the Myth of Sino-Japanese Friendship" in the Journal of Asian Studies 73: 3, pp. 589-618. Her book Her Literary Remains: Death, Trauma, and Lu Xun's Refusal to Mourn was also reviewed in the "Trends" section in the same issue of the journal on pp. 581-587.

Christopher Chinn, associate professor of classics, published an article titled "Statius' Ovidian Achilles" in Phoenix 67, pp. 320-342.

John Clithero, assistant professor of economics, presented his recent research on "Using the Drift-Diffusion Model to Improve Preference Measurement and Choice Prediction” at the annual conference of the Society for Neuroeconomics in Miami, on September 26-28.

Pierre Englebert, professor of international relations, authored a background paper and acted as facilitator for a conference on "Congo Dialogue" in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Sept 17-18.

Erica Flapan, Lingurn H. Burkhead professor of mathematics, presented a lecture titled "Mirror Image Symmetry from Different Viewpoints," a distinguished lecture at the Mathematical Association of America Carriage House in Washington DC on September 22.

George L. Gorse, Viola Horton professor of art history, gave the keynote address on “"Pope Julius II della Rovere, Admiral Andrea Doria, Doge Andrea Gritti: Patrons of Renovatio Romae” at an international conference on "Family Patronage in Early Modern Genoa, Rome, and Venice (1500-1750)," sponsored by the Hertziana Library at the German Art Historical Institute in Rome on September 8-9. While on sabbatical in fall 2014, Gorse also presented a talk on September 26 at the Istituto della Storia dell'Arte at the University of Genoa on "Genova e la Storia dell'Arte."

Fred Grieman, professor of chemistry, presented his atmospheric chemistry research in collaboration with Stan Sander '74 (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Professor Mitchio Okumura (Caltech) involving the kinetics and thermodynamics of the hydroxyl radical (HO2) self-reaction and its reaction with acetone at a number of scientific meetings. Pomona College students involved in the research include Kira Watson '10, Eric Newenhouse '11, Kori Vandergeest '13, and Roger Sheu '14. Grieman presented at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting in San Francisco in 2013, and Roger Sheu ’14 presented at the Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics Conference in Monterey, California, in January 2014. Several other Pomona students presented their research at the same Pacific conference: Kelly Park ’13, Alexandra Antonoplis ’14, Allison Wallingford ’14 and Emily Darby ’15.

Grieman received a NASA Senior Post-Doctoral Fellowship at JPL in Pasadena, which will support his sabbatical this academic year with a possibility of an extension for two more years. He was also awarded a JPL Summer Faculty grant during 2013 and 2014.

Jill Harris, visiting assistant professor of economics, presented a paper with David Berri (Southern Utah State University) on "Predicting the WNBA Draft: What Matters Most from College Performance" at the Western Economic Association International Conference in Denver on July 1. She also chaired the North American Association of Sports Economists session on College Sports and presented her paper "NCAA: Club or Cartel" at the Western Economic Association International, both during July.

Malkiat Johal, professor of chemistry, published “Surface and Stability Characterization of a Nanoporous ZIF-8 Thin Film” in Journal of Physical Chemistry 118:26, pp. 14449-14456, with coauthors from UC San Diego and Hannah Wayment-Steele ’15.

Kristine Kaiser, visiting assistant professor of biology, co-authored a presentation at the Southwest Organismal Biology Conference at UC Irvine in September with Brenna Gormally '15, Jonathan Feingold '15, and Maria Caruso '17 on “Validation of a corticosterone enzyme immunoassay for Sceloporus occidentalis.”

Gizem Karaali, associate professor of mathematics, published an article, "Can zombies write mathematical poetry? Mathematical poetry as a model for humanistic mathematics," in The Journal of Mathematics and the Arts 8:1-2, pp. 38-45.

Cameron Munter, professor of international relations, participated in a working group chaired by George Schultz and Bill Perry on the future of Pakistan and presented on “Prospects for Regional Cooperation in South Asia After 2014” during a Stanford University conference. He presented and led a discussion on “Prospects for ‘soft power’ among Euroatlantic allies faced with new crises such as the Ukraine revolution” at a CEVRO, a Czech think tank, conference in Prague on September 11. He also co-hosted a Scripps College conference on September 27 on the “Legacy of Jan Karski,” who is known as the voice of conscience for Poland during the Holocaust, and the applicability of his legacy to current responsibilities nations have to protect others. Lastly, on September 30, Munter attended an international working group in New York on the future of Pakistan, which adopted the report Pakistan 2014.

Dan O’Leary, Carnegie professor of chemistry, published, with Caltech colleagues, an article on "Z-Selective Olefin Metathesis on Peptides: Investigation of Side-Chain Influence, Preorganization, and Guidelines in Substrate Selection" in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, pp. 12469-12478.

Linda Reinen, associate professor of geology, gave invited talks on "Earthquakes in Southern California - Past, Present, and Future?" at Pilgrim Place in Claremont on April 19; at the Morningside Retirement Community in Fullerton (near the epicenter of the March La Habra earthquake) on July 19, and at the United Nations Association of the U.S.A, Pomona Valley Chapter on September 16.

Hans J. Rindisbcher, professor of German, co-organized (along with Peter Meilaender of Houghton College) the Swiss Studies Seminar on The German Studies Association Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Sept 18-21. This seminar on "Das Kalb vor der Gotthardpost: Swiss Culture, History, and Politics in the Work of Peter von Matt" had the author and eminent Swiss literary and cultural critic Peter von Matt in attendance. Rindisbacher's paper was titled, "Das Unterirdische in den Werken von Friedrich Dürrenmatt und Hermann Burger.”

Monique Saigal, professor emerita of French, gave her talk "Hidden Child, Hidden Heroines" on five occasions in the Washington, DC, area: "La Côte d'or" in Arlington, Virginia, on September 11; the Goethe Institute and at The Ingleside Center on September 17; and the Alliance Française on September 19. She also hosted book signings on September 21 and 22 at the Holocaust Museum. 

Conchita Serri, ombuds, was featured in a webinar on September 29 by invitation of The Creighton School of Law, The Werner's Institute's ADR Hub, on "PingingTea℠: A Self-Mediation, Peace and Justice Fishbowl Experiment," which was about a new modality of conflict resolution, a socially engaged performance art installation, that she created.

Yuquing Melanie Wu, visiting associate professor of computer science, published a research article, "Comparing the Pulses of Categorical Hot Events in Twitter and Weibo," in HT'14” at the 25th ACM conference on Hypertext and Social Media, held in Santiago, Chile, from September 1-4.