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Student Clubs

"[Ballroom dance has] really helped me grow in different facets of my life—in terms of determination and discipline and commitment…there are a lot of lessons from dance that I’ve been applying to my life. I am constantly trying to go outside my comfort zone.”

--Anna Twum '14

Pomona students have access to more than 220 Pomona College and 5C clubs and organizations.

Any list of organizations at Pomona is only a snapshot. New interest groups and organizations are founded and funded with great frequency. Some, like the Mortar Board Society and Kappa Delta fraternity, have been around for decades; others are created in response to political or societal issues; still others vanish and are reborn as student interests shape the times. If you see a void, consider it an invitation to start something new--that’s the Pomona spirit.

Clubs and organizations are one particular way the Consortium shines – with about 8,300 students total, the near-1,600 students at Pomona College are able to interact with a wide array of other 5C students based on their extracurricular hobbies, skills and interests.

The variety of clubs and organizations is as vast as the interest of the students at the Claremont Colleges -- affiliation organizations for ethnic, religious and political groups; community service organizations like Challah for Hunger, the ACLU, Food Rescue, and the American Red Cross; leadership and entrepreneurial organizations; media opportunities like The Student Life newspaper and video organization Studio 47; interest groups for academics and hobbies; and arts groups for theater, comedy, dance, a cappella, music and more.

Some groups include:

  • On the Loose: This 5C outdoors activities club boasts one of the largest and most active memberships of any club in the 5Cs and sponsors more than 150 trips each year with more than 500 students taking part.
  • Students of Color Alliance Symposium: This multicultural organization is based in a spacious residence hall lounge hosts roundtable discussions, potlucks, and a popular comedy night.
  • KSPC (88.7 FM): The campus radio station has been broadcasting since the mid-1950s and still offers many volunteer opportunities for students and community members to get involved, from hosting live radio shows and helping with events like a local concert series to writing reviews, promotion and publicity, and newscasting.
  • Without a Box: This 5C group lets students expand their comedic improv chops with frequent performances at the Claremont Colleges.
  • Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company: This national award-winning group of dancers is one of the most popular activities among students. With more than 130 dancers, from beginners to competition-level dancers, the CCBDC is committed to not just developing ballroom dance skills but to empowering students with leadership and community service skills.

With a budget of about $425,000, the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) contributes to the support of both Pomona-based clubs and those that serve the 5C community, as well as funding many of the activities that take place on campus.

Pomona and 5C calendars are updated regularly on the web and a twice-daily e-mail to Pomona students, called CHIRPS, details student activities, club meetings, employment opportunities, movies, new classes, lost and found, and a buy/sell board.

Current students can log in to CollegiateLink via the portal ( for a complete and updated list of clubs and organizations. And, if you don't see one that appeals to you, you can always start one of your own!  To find out more about clubs and committees, or to register a new one, contact the ASPC office at the Smith Campus Center.