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Pomona College News

Prof. Char Miller Interviewed about America’s  Increasing Wildfire Risk by Men’s Journal Magazine

10:30 am July 25, 2014Faculty, Research

Char Miller, professor of environmental analysis, was interviewed in the story “America Is Burning: The Fight Against Wildfires Gets Real,” published in the August edition of Men’s Journal Magazine. Warning that “years of climate change, drought and reckless development have transformed nearly all of the American West into a giant tinderbox,” the story examines whether there is anything to be done to slow the growing wildfire risk.

Light and Space Artist James Turrell ’65 to Receive 2013 National Medal of Arts

9:45 am July 23, 2014Alumni, Media Mention, The Arts

James Turrell ’65, an internationally renowned light and space artist, will be awarded the 2013 National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama in a White House ceremony on July 28. Known for his groundbreaking visual art, Turrell captures the powers of light and space, building experiences that force viewers to question reality, challenging their perceptions not only of art, but also of the world around them, noted yesterday’s announcement.

Summer Snapshot: Alex Samuels '15 Studies the Role of Tone in an African Language

1:00 pm July 22, 2014Faculty, International, Research, Students

Working with Professor Mary Paster, linguistics major Alex Samuels '15 is studying the role of tone in the West Kenyan language of Maragoli. Samuels explains his work as part of our series looking at summer student research.

NPR Interviews Prof. Kyla Tompkins about Masculinity, Veganism and Vegetarianism

1:00 pm July 22, 2014Faculty, Media Mention, Research

Prof. Kyla Wazana Tompkins was interviewed by National Public Radio for the story “For These Vegans, Masculinity Mean Protecting The Planet,” which aired on the July 21 edition of All Things Considered. In the story featuring several male athletes, Tompkins adds historical perspective on male veganism.

8 Ways Pomona Students Are Interning This Summer

3:05 pm July 18, 2014Students

Meet eight Pomona College students who are working on internships across the country and internationally this summer.

Summer Snapshot: Julia Austenfeld '15 on Researching the Cultural History of Baseball From a Musical Perspective

3:08 pm July 15, 2014Research, Students

As part of a series on summer research, Julia Austenfeld '15 explains her research on the music that's played during baseball games, including the organists and bands that played in stadiums.

Brush Fire Turns Bernard Field Station into “Living Lab” for Fire Ecology

1:10 pm July 14, 2014Faculty, Research, Students

The brush fire that charred 17 acres of the Bernard Field Station (BFS) and adjacent north campus properties last September is providing a unique teaching and research opportunity for Pomona professors and students, with three faculty members receiving a Henry David Thoreau Foundation grant this past spring to examine the fire’s impact on ecological succession in an endangered Southern California ecosystem.

Summer Snapshot: Ryan Dodson ’15 on Researching Ways to Identify Deadly Bacteria in Hospital Patients

9:08 am July 11, 2014Research, Students

As part of a series on summer research, Ryan Dodson '15 explains his work with Professor Charles Taylor, which is growing bacteria thought to be the causes of ventilator-associated pneumonia to determine the compounds they produce. Learning their chemical "fingerprint" may someday allow earlier diagnoses of the deadly disease.

President Oxtoby's Blog: Dropping In on the Pomona Academy for Youth Success

8:10 am July 11, 2014Students

Dropping by Pomona Academy for Youth Success (PAYS) classrooms yesterday reminds me why the future is both hopeful and challenging. Bright students, too often from under-resourced high schools, may not see a path to college or fully understand the opportunities a college education presents over the course of their lives. Seeing the PAYS four-week summer academy, part of a year-round college preparatory program, in action affirms the role that colleges like Pomona can play in changing that narrative.

Theatre Department and Ophelia's Jump Present  "The Merry Wives of Windsor" and "Macbeth"

9:30 am July 7, 2014Campus Events, The Arts

The Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance and Claremont-based professional theatre company Ophelia’s Jump will continue their summer play season with The Merry Wives of Windsor and Macbeth, held under the stars at Sontag Greek Theatre on Pomona’s campus.

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