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Pomona College News

Five Pomona Studio Art Professors Will Be Part of Artistic Takeover of Historic Gamble House

10:30 am September 18, 2014Faculty, The Arts

Pomona College’s studio art faculty will join in for a two-week takeover of the historic Gamble House in Pasadena. It’s all part of Professor Mark Allen’s experimental art collective’s presentation of “The Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House.” 

 Students to Join the Search as $9 Million Grant Boosts the Hunt for Supernovae and Variable Stars

10:00 am September 17, 2014Faculty, Giving, Research, Students

Pomona College and Caltech have received a $9 million grant from the National Science Foundation to build a next-generation exploration system for the historic Palomar Observatory, giving a huge boost to the search for supernovae, near-Earth asteroids, variable stars and other exotic astrophysical phenomena. Known as the Zwicky Transient Facility, the facility will be the premier device worldwide for astronomers to identify rare and fast-changing cosmic events. Students also will benefit from the project by getting access to data from sophisticated telescopes and instruments typically reserved for more senior researchers, offering them a taste of the excitement of scientific discovery.

Professor Claudia Rankine's "Citizen" is on Longlist for the National Book Award for Poetry

10:00 am September 16, 2014Faculty, The Arts

Pomona College English Professor Claudia Rankine’s new book  is on the longlist for the National Book Award for Poetry. The National Book Foundation released the list today including Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric, which “recounts mounting racial aggressions in ongoing encounters in 21st-century daily life and in the media.” Yesterday, she received the Bess Hokin Prize from Poetry magazine for an excerpt published from Citizen.

Two Pomona Students Awarded $10,000 Strauss Grants for Public Service Projects at Local Schools

2:00 pm September 15, 2014Students, The Arts

Two Pomona College students are using $10,000 grants from the Donald A. Strauss Foundation to create year-long public service projects at a pair of nearby schools. Beginning this semester, Nathalie Folkerts ’16 is launching a healthy-eating initiative at Vista del Valle Elementary School in Claremont, while Karen Herrera ’15 will return to her hometown to develop an arts enrichment program at La Puente High School. A public policy major with a concentration in biology, Folkerts is organizing an initiative at Vista to help families and children learn to grow their own food and prepare healthy meals, while also tackling food justice issues. Herrera will develop an arts enrichment program at La Puente High School, where she graduated in 2011.

H. Russell Smith ’36, a Dedicated and Generous Leader of the College, Has Died at 100

10:30 am September 10, 2014Alumni, Giving

H. Russell Smith, a dedicated and generous leader of Pomona College, passed away last weekend. He had recently celebrated his 100th birthday. Smith’s affiliation with Pomona College began when he was a student.  An economics major, joined the Pomona College Board of Trustees in 1962 and his tenure on the board, including many years as emeritus trustee and chair, spanned more than five decades.

Today’s LA Times Story on First-Year Common Readings Includes Pomona College and Americanah

2:00 am September 9, 2014Campus Events, Faculty, Media Mention, Staff, Students

Today’s Los Angeles Times story "Colleges reject charge that freshman reading lists have political bias," examined the book selections of colleges and universities across the country. To gain insight into the impact of these readings, reporter Larry Gordon attended lectures at Pomona and CSUN.

New York Times Names Pomona One of Nation's Most Economically Diverse Top Colleges

5:15 pm September 8, 2014Media Mention

Pomona College is No. 7 in The New York Times’ new ranking of economic diversity at nearly 100 of the nation’s top colleges. The rating system released today measures the role of colleges and universities as engines of social mobility “based on the share of freshmen in recent years who came from low-income families (measured by the share receiving a Pell grant) and on the net price of attendance for low- and middle-income families.”

Big Laughs at Little Bridges for Comedian Joel McHale

1:00 pm September 8, 2014Campus Events, Students

Comedian Joel McHale entertained a packed house of Claremont Colleges students at Little Bridges on Saturday night.  McHale, who is the host of “Talk Soup” and stars on the sitcom “Community,” did his research, commenting that Claremont is like Tolkein’s Shire and ribbing the audience on the differences between the colleges. He even took a crack at Pomona’s beloved mascot: “Cecil the Sagehen is not very intimidating. It’s like, ‘We’re gonna beat you… if you were to eat us and we were undercooked. We’re gonna salmonella you all over the field!’”

In L.A. Weekly interview, Prof. Gary Smith Explains the Dangers of Tortured Data and Shaky Stats

11:00 am September 8, 2014Faculty, Research

In an interview with L.A. Weekly about his new book, Economics Professor Gary Smith warns of the dangers of data mining, the process of poring over stats in search of patterns, enabled by what the Weekly calls "the avalanche of information made possible by technology." "With the help of prognosticating octopi, dead salmon, a host of rigged charts and all manner of creative bookkeeping," the Weekly writes. "Smith presents case study after case study on how to twist the facts, exploring how phenomena such as confirmation bias, regression towards the mean, and the law of averages truly inform our lives. Smith, the Fletcher Jones Professor of Economics, has a long history of research projects debunking dubious uses of data.

Already Author of 4 Books, Mae Coyiuto '16 Helps Kids in the Philippines Become Writers, Too

11:30 am September 4, 2014Students

At the tender age of 10, Mae Coyiuto ’16 was a published author of three children’s books. Years later she was a recipient of a $10,000 Davis Projects for Peace Award and armed with that she set out this summer to help other young people in her native Philippines publish books as well.

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