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Welcome and Introduction to the CLASS of 2019

Welcome and Introduction to the Class of 2019

Welcome to Pomona College! The faculty and staff of the Colleges are eagerly awaiting the end of summer when you will arrive on campus. There is much that awaits you here in the form of intellectual excitement, new friends, and a lifestyle of considerable independence and freedom. You will grow and change in your four years at Pomona; you will leave here enriched by many experiences. We expect that we will be enriched by you and your contributions here, as well!


We know that you have been asked to do quite a number of things before you arrive on campus, including writing a letter to your faculty advisor, filling out other forms on the myPomona portal, taking the Alcohol.Edu on-line course, and taking on-line advisory placement assessments (a reminder checklist of all those things is included here as well!). At the same time, we are sure you probably have many questions of your own, ranging from what courses you may want to take your first semester to what size sheets will fit your bed.  This Guidebook has been prepared to answer those questions and more.  The Guidebook is only available online unless you ask for a hard copy to be mailed to you.  Please call the Student Affairs office at 909-621-8017 or email us at if you need a hard copy of the guidebook.  The Guidebook is organized in three sections.


The first section contains information about academic issues: the placement examinations you should take, an outline of a typical first-semester selection of courses, and a listing of Breadth of Study (General Education) requirements you must fulfill in order to graduate. This section will provide you with information you need to register for classes for the first time. Your faculty adviser will assist you, but it is very important for you to have some ideas of your own about courses. 

The second section covers life in the residence halls and on campus. Here you will learn about Pomona’s Sponsor Program, the various first-year residence halls, meal plans, shipping packages to yourself, and how to check into your residence hall when you arrive on campus. Later in July, you will receive more information about your room assignment and sponsor group from the Office of Campus Life.

The third section provides some tips on Pomona and Claremont living, including information about employment opportunities on campus, transportation options, as well as what you need to know about bringing your personal computer to campus. Useful tips about local banks, shopping, and the “Village” are also included.

We understand that leaving home to come to college can be frightening as well as exciting. We want to reassure you that the things you worry about will work out well. Many students are concerned about making friends and fitting in, but this seems to happen naturally before the end of the first semester. When you arrive you will be placed in a sponsor group with two sophomore students (your sponsors) and between ten and twenty first-year students. You are placed together both for your differences and similarities, your common interests and your mix of perspectives. Our goal is for you to be part of a compatible group of people to interact with as soon as you arrive.

Students also worry about their academic success here. You should bear in mind that you have been selected in a very competitive process. Classes here will be more demanding than those in high school and you will have to take more responsibility for completing the assignments, but you can and will do well.

The whole College looks forward to your arrival. We hope the information we are sending helps you get oriented to Pomona. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Dean of Students Office at (909) 621-8017 or email us directly at


Warm Wishes,

Miriam Feldblum 
Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs