Welcome to the Math Department

Looking forward to a great year in the Math Dept with the 2014-15 Liaisons!!  The nine students below will be planning the math retreat, T-shirts, and other exciting events; they welcome your input.  They can be contacted to liaise with Math faculty if you have any questions or concerns about academic issues.  Also, check out their Facebook page for announcements of events.

2014-2015 Liaisons

Sheridan Grant ‘15

Howdy y'all!  I'm Sheridan and I don't know how to spell middle names. I've taken a lot of pure math and statistics courses but I really have first hand experience with the magic math major, so feel free to ask me about that. Last semester I was in South Africa and it was weird but I'm happy to be back this semester so that I can wake up at ungodly hours to run long distances quickly and terrorize snack-attendees.

xoxo Sheridan

Sallie Walecka ‘15

Hi! My name is Sallie and I am a senior Math major (Applied track) and physics minor.  I'm from the Bay Area and love the water.  At Pomona, you can find me over at Haldeman pool playing water polo, tap dancing with On Tap, working at ITS, or playing guitar.  I've taken a fair amount of the applied classes like Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and PDE's.  I also really enjoyed taking Cryptography & Number Theory and Deterministic Operations Research, which are cool classes as well.  Last summer, I got to research for Disney Animation Studios through a program called RIPS at UCLA.  I was using the power of math to make simulations of natural phenomena run faster (so if you are interested in Frozen trivia I've got you covered).  Feel free to email me or find me in the math building if you want to talk about anything above!

Paula Burkhardt ‘16

I'm Paula Elisabeth Burkhardt, a person from Philly. I've taken some analysis courses, a couple of abstract algebra courses, and combinatorics, of course. During summers I like to go to East Texas and do math research or Spain and dig up old things. Ask me about both! For fun, I do interpretive dances and slaughter ants en masse. Welcome to the math department!

Cristina Lopez ‘16

I am Cristina Lopez, a third year student on the Applied Math track. I am from Los Angeles and math has always been my favorite subject since I can remember. I have done research on knot theory (at St Mary's College of Maryland--2013) and topic modeling and point processes (at UCLA--2014) over the past two summers. These experiences allowed me to learn more about these topics we don't really cover in classes. Also, I met incredible people who made my summers a lot of fun. I have taken Differential Equations, Combinatorics, Mathematical Modeling and Probability and am currently taking Stochastic Processes and Intro to Analysis. I have mentored Mathematical Modeling and am currently mentoring Calc30.

Dylan Quantz ‘16

I'm Dylan Quantz from Tucson, AZ.  I'm a junior, and I've taken Calculus II, Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Introduction to Statistics, Probability, and Differential Equations.  This past summer, I was the statistician for a college baseball league in Tucson.  In my free time, I enjoy sports (playing and watching), eating, Netflix, and traveling.

Zivvy Epstein ‘17

Hi, I'm Ziv Epstein, a math and computer science double major at Pomona College from Boulder, Colorado.  I'm a sophomore who is also involved in the Track/Cross Country programs, KSPC, and machine learning research in psychology. I've taken Calc III, Linear Algebra, Advanced Topics in Statistics: Time Series, Probability and Combinatorics. Check me out at www.zepstein.com.

Adam He ‘17

Hi! I'm Adam He and I just finished my first year at Pomona. I'm mainly interested in evolutionary biology and pure mathematics, but when I'm not wearing one of those two hats, I'm also involved in the badminton club, educational outreach, photography, and lots of other random things. Marine ecosystems, fossils, puzzles, and poetry are other things you may find me obsessing over.

Ruby Kim ‘17

My name is Ruby Kim and I'm a sophomore at Pomona College majoring in applied mathematics while following a pre-med track. I took Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus during my freshman year and I'm currently taking Combinatorial Mathematics and Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials Data. This past summer, I spent ten weeks at the Saban Research Institute at Children's Hospital Los Angeles working on a biomedical research project that I presented at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in August. One of my academic goals for this year is to explore the applications of math and statistics to medical research. Some organizations I am involved with are Questbridge, Helpers for Miracle Marrow Matches, and South Central Scholars. During my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, painting, hanging out with friends, and wandering around outdoors on a sunny day.

Yenny Zhang ‘17

Hello! My name is Yenny and I am a sophomore math major on the statistics track. I was born in raised in a suburb of north county San Diego, so winters in Claremont are harsh for me. I'm also an AAMP mentor, Ecorep for Mudd-Gibson, and I work at the Career Development Office. I've only taken combinatorics and probability but am currently in stat theory, clinical trials, and real analysis at Harvey Mudd. I play saxophone, piano, and just started voice. I love meeting new people and helping others! Please feel free to get in touch with me about anything, and welcome to the Pomona Math Department!