Mathematics Major

Math at Pomona provides a comprehensive offering of courses in all the mathematical sciences, with tracks in statistics and pure, applied, and general mathematics.

The Pomona College Mathematics and Statistics Department’s philosophy is that mathematics is an exciting field that offers something for everybody. The department has created a supportive, inclusive community through mentoring groups and by promoting collaborative work.

Beyond calculus and linear algebra, you’ll take courses in algebra, analysis, topology/geometry, modeling, and statistics. Majors then focus on a track in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, general mathematics and statistics. The senior exercise involves directed research, under the supervision of faculty. Many students do summer research.

Programs range from the usual B.A. to a combined B.A.-M.A. program offered with Claremont Graduate University (in either mathematics or in mathematics education).

Prof. Johanna Hardin on the community experience for math majors
In class with Professor Adolfo Rumbos
In class with Professor Adolfo Rumbos
Garcia Math Class
In class with professor Stephan Ramon Garcia
In class with Professor Jo Hardin
In class with Professor Jo Hardin
In class with Professor Ami Radunskaya
In class with Professor Ami Radunskaya

What You’ll Study

    • Functions, numbers, models, data analysis, abstract structures
    • How to communicate mathematical ideas
    • Applying math to the sciences and seeing math in the arts
    • Research topics in all areas of mathematics
The Claremont Colleges offer courses from 60 faculty mathematicians.

Researching at Pomona

Zoe Batterman


Zoë Batterman ’24 worked one-on-one with Professor Konrad Aguilar on a project involving both algebra and analysis, seeking to construct a notion of C*-algebra convergence.

Ari Benveniste
Ari Benveniste ’25

For many people, me included, when they think of math they imagine tests, long homework, and tears at the dining room table. This couldn’t be farther from my experience at Pomona. Math is the ultimate liberal arts major. It forces me to think deeply and rigorously about material that expands my horizons. It is challenging and pushes me but is consistently rewarding.

Faculty & Teaching

The mathematics faculty is a community of engaged, committed and talented mathematicians, including three national teaching award winners. Their expertise spans the mathematical sciences. The department promotes a collaborative, community atmosphere through mentor sessions, a weekly math lunch and department retreats.

Professor Johanna Hardin

Mathematics is a beautiful subject and a powerful tool for understanding the world from cells to music.  Mathematical analysis can mine big data to understand relationships and to predict the future.  At Pomona, the wealth of mathematical offerings creates a welcoming environment for a diverse group of math students.  Our philosophy is that mathematics is for everyone; our majors study all aspects of mathematics in all manner of approaches.